Friday, August 23, 2013

A Hunger That Fills Buckets

photo by Elena Kalis
The ocean of the body crashes against the ocean of the heart. Between them is a barrier they cannot cross. ~Rumi
Lost is the place my heart wanders
nowhere that has an uttered name
it's a choir that sings of loneliness
a hunger that fills buckets like rain
it's point of exact location
cannot be found
on any printed map
it's a grain of sand to an ocean
a skyscraper laying on its back
 it's penciled in directions
to a permanent destination
that does not yet exist
it's a doorbell to a deaf man
a voice that shall forever have no lips
the true logic of the
code and boundaries
is teardrops tied to a locked up gate
it's a room that has no walls
a fork that will never have a plate
a broken heart is a manic hunter
searching for candles inside the dark
 it's a cure that has no potion
a wound that will never leave a mark
for love is a mighty fortress
 that no human strength can truly lift
it's a present we can only open
if we are willing to give back the gift
the heart's logical mathematics
is a lesson no one can truly teach
it's a rainbow to a blind man
a sermon no evangelist can preach
no sense can be reasoned out
of the obscurities of the human heart
it's lucidity to an utter madman
it feeds diamonds to a shark
for the ways of love and loss
are like a river and cast off stones
they wander drifting like a forlorn sailor
until they finally find a home.


  1. May we all heed His call to come home.

  2. the last four lines are exquisite.....perfectly placed.

  3. they wander til they find a home...def that last stanza rings carrie...i did not recognize the name in my email earlier...smiles....we all find our way as well...smiles.

  4. nicely done thanks for sharing

  5. Carrie, how wonderful to come back for more Magpie Tales this morning .. this is immensely personal, deep, you.

  6. So beautiful, Carrie, and very poignant. I especially admire "it's a present we can only open if we're willing to give back the gift". And then the finding of a home at the end. A wonderful write!

  7. Music to my ears, your closing lines, beautiful, soothing to the heart and soul.

  8. The ways of the heart are very mysterious, I think. Sometimes it is hard to make sense of its wanderings.

  9. Lovely images. I especially like
    "a skyscraper laying on its back"
    "it's a present we can only open
    if we are willing to give back the gift"
    Well done!


"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson