Saturday, August 10, 2013

Reaching for Wisdom with Foolish Hands

Drawing Hands, 1948 by M.C. Escher
"Men are made stronger on realization that the helping hand they need is at the end of their own arm." ~Sidney J. Phillips
I define my own ways at the sketching of my own hand,
drawing my own lines of reason like heritage defines a man.
The view that lies before me is a photo that only I can snap.
I can choose to capture the future or get tangled in the past.
All the expectations I hope to have unfold within my own arm's reach,
are not given by this world but earned painstakingly by only me.
For life is a pilgrimage of perspectives that I alone can observe and utilize
no other soul can grant it, my own hands must reach out and truly try.



  1. Very nice. Yes, reaching out and trying what life has to offer is so important. Well penned, Carrie.

    1. Thank you Mary for stopping by....hope all is well with you these days. :-)

  2. i can choose the future or the past....we are masters of our own destiny in this...for sure as a pilgrimage of perspectives is another great line...and truth

  3. Carrie, Thank you for visiting me. So glad it let me back to this wonderful piece of writing. Such depth and truth in your words. Beautiful.

  4. This is so lovely, Carrie. I especially like this powerful line: I can choose to capture the future or get tangled in the past.

  5. It is quite natural for us to want to have complete faith in our abilities.

  6. You are a very wise woman, Ms. Carrie ... very wise.

  7. Carrie, you hooked me with your title and I love "life is a pilgrimage of perspectives" so much!


  8. Hi Carrie, loved this all the way. I look at my hands and cried.


"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson