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One of the things that made me want a blog was connecting with other writers and having a voice beyond my own four walls.  Sometimes comments on a blog are not enough and an email fills the bill, so if you want to send me an email here is the address:

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  1. Hi Carrie,
    just wanted to give you a heads up that the prompt you gave us last time ? I posted it to my blogger under Poems and Dreamy Stuff. I titled it "Thoughts of You" so when you get a free moment you could check it out maybe?

  2. So sorry Shay is leaving. She will be missed. Loved her perspective! I published two weekly visual prompt sites for many years, “Writer’s Island” and “Matinée Muse”. It got to be too much. I was also a weekly participant in Tess Kincaid’s visual prompt site “Magpie Tales” from its opening to its closing. Visual prompts are my favorite type of prompt! Helping you once a month with your great “Sunday Muse” site would be an honor and a joy Carrie. Once a month would be perfect for me. If you would like to discuss it, my text is, as you may know, — please let me know my friend. Thsnk you. 🙂✌🏼❤️


"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson