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Today I am linking with Toni's wonderful Wed Muse for a  Japanese word prompt. The word is "boketto" and it means to gaze at the distant landscape with an empty mind.  She is asking us to do just that and then let it speak to us.  Here is mine:
The soul can split the sky in two and let the face of God shine through.  ~Edna St. Vincent Millay
The sky is a big ever-changing canvas God’s artwork in progress Reminding me that no matter what I face There is something bigger He has planned.

Hold On

Photo by Evie Shaffer from Pexels

Linking with Toni’s wonderful Wed Muse It is a music, non-music prompt. Come join us!
  I am broken but I will not bend And I will not move on like the fickle wind Here I am with everything I own A suitcase with my heart alone Do not open the door and make me depart Just open your arms and take my heart For I am broken but I will not bend And I will not move on like the fickle wind I am a fire, and a warmth that is true I hold it all for only you Do not stay cold and leave me lonely Hold me close in love’s true ceremony For I am broken but I will not bend And I will not move on like the fickle wind I took a chance and changed your way of life Now I hope you will hold on and also change mine.

The Art of Living

Photography by Ali Falak Image source
Linking with the Sunday Muse for Muse # 70 Come join us!
Truth is the daughter of Time. ~Aulus Gellius

I used to long to dream in color for I lived in a black and white world all the edges of my day were cut like diamonds in a card board box that had no cracks big enough to let in the light since then I have learned the art of living is a slow lesson and sometimes what we learn takes days that blend into years to finally understand and truly see to live you must be willing to first face the truth then accept what is before you and forgive what is in the past it is a process of movement letting go and moving on brush strokes of beauty do not come from still hands most lessons are better learned by doing and no one else can do it for us

Love Flows Deep

Photography by Edouard Boubat

Linking with the Sunday Muse for Muse # 68
Come join us!

“Every seashell is a broken star scattered in the sand.  A tiny wisp of the ocean lies trapped in it throbbing, for a lost wish.”    ~Author unknown
My grandmother had a huge conch seashell that she used as a door stop.  Her home was an old small house that was probably un-level making doors not stay ajar, but I loved it there.  My most fond childhood memories were there with my grandparents.  For years in my adulthood I would go to that place in my dreams.   A simple old house that held an ocean of lovely memories, much like that seashell that my grandmother had convinced me held the sounds of the sea deep inside for me to hear.
Love finds us and holds us close Tight yet gentle Like a mother’s arms We learn to hold on And then we carry it with us Through storm’s journey And sunny shores No matter how far off we drift it remains close enough to hear It is a majestic ocean Within our veins And we ca…

The Splendor of Simple Things

Linking with Toni's wonderful Wednesday Muse "Butterflies"

Would that I might
always have the heart
of chasing butterflies!
~Japanese hokku

In a world full of  loud trucks  crime  and heartache It is wonderful to have  the softer and sweeter things in life like a light shower in summer  rainbows across the sky   flowers and butterflies.

When Words are Truly Free

"One Day I'll Fly Away"  Photography by Hayley Richards Image Source
Linking with the Sunday Muse for Muse # 66
Come join us!

Some birds are poets and sing all summer. ~Henry David 
Once my words were caged Strangled by silence Like a shy child They lingered close In quiet spaces Whispering in my ear where no one else would hear But with time they grew And so did I Old cages get rusty but old birds still fly now the silence is stifled by words they reach far places like migrating birds.
©Carrie Van Horn2019

Listen Hard

Linking with Toni's wonderful Wednesday Muse for Night Sounds
Come join us!

The day has eyes; the night has ears. ~David Fergusson

In the suburbs one only hears sirens and creeks in the halls no owls no frogs nor cricket calls You have to venture To your own back yard To hear nature’s voice In the suburbs you must listen hard.
©Carrie Van Horn2019
Note:  When I was a child I used to stay with my babysitter a lot and she lived on a farm right off the I-35 freeway.  Of course, they kept their windows open to have a breeze and throughout the night you could hear the semi-trucks barreling down the highway.   We were in the middle of a beautiful farm with all the animals you would imagine a farm would have, and that is the sound that I heard most at night.  It was soothing in a way.  A periodical hum that put me to sleep many a night and yet would wake me up as well.  

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