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A Strong Yet Tender Pull,

  Linking with the Sunday Mus e for Muse #177 Come join us! There is no first or last in Forever. It is Centre there all the time. ~Emily Dickinson     Life has a  strong yet  tender pull   that   can   straighten   and bend   our path   It l eads us  ever  onward  with wise and  callused  hands   yet l ike children  w e  pound  the pavement     R unning  hard  to follow close   With a crumpled map in hand  full of  Un  legible  notes   So  w e  lose our way and  we pay the cost   We  weep from   the hurt we  speak of   the  loss   Why is the journey so  hard  we  ask   As  we  scrape  our  knees o n a   gravel path   It is  like  the gentlest of   bird s   life  says  to our face   That circles tangled branches to find its place   To  rest on a limb  for   a moment of  shade or shine   There is no rush  life says,  please take your time !  

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