Calling All Gentlemen

Photography by Guy Kawasaki

Linking with the Sunday Muse for Muse # 85
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Gentleness can be taught in the slow tender stroke of years But in its essence, it is either already resting in the heart of its holder Or absolutely nowhere near You can lead a biker to a bar But you can’t make him drink And getting him to stop May be harder than you think You can place a kitten in his arms But whether he holds it tenderly Is out of your hands So my advice to you is Never hand a kitty to anyone Except a loving woman or man.
~Just for the record I have nothing against biker dudes.In fact I find them quite intriguing, especially if they are not afraid to hold a kitten sweetly and enjoy it.~

Big Bites

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Linking with the Sunday Muse for Muse # 84
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The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money. ~Author Unknown

There is a wealth in having deep empty pockets
cause the lessons of hardship
are a knowledge that sticks with you
like a warm hardy stew
you learn to take big bites when you have the chance
life is like that
it is all or nothing sometimes
a bittersweet surprise dessert
that we long to have 
but we cannot keep
and we all are hungry for more
so go ahead
and take a big bite

Strength of the Butterfly

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Linking with the Sunday Muse for Muse # 79
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“Man must rise above the Earth – to the top of the atmosphere and beyond – for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.”

I am the explorer reaching upward but you are the one with wings You do not need a space ship to reach further beyond your means I study for a lifetime preparing For my scheduled flight You merely take a moment And then sail the bluest skies.

The Architecture of Broken Hearts

"The Architect" by Erik Johansson Click HERE to view his website.
Linking with The Sunday Muse for Muse # 78 brought to us today by the amazing and talented poet Shay! Come join us!

"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills." ~ Chinese Proverb
We build homes out of more than timber and brick For living in a perfect place is an optical illusion A sleight of hand that hides an ace under its sleeve My mother built hers with secrets that remained behind closed doors Perfect curtains in front of cluttered rooms where emptiness Filled the air thicker than the dust that lined the shelves I built my house on my own with no directions But it still was block and beam set on the same illusion Denial is stronger than the steel frame of a skyscraper Where character defects can be blind to a cracked foundation Sometimes to truly repair the damage we must tear down the dilapidated homestead and simply begin again. 

The Dream Poems

Rebeca Cygnus photography
Visit her website HERE

Linking with the Sunday Muse for Muse # 77
In a dream you are never eighty.  ~Anne Sexton

I double dog dared myself to write 2 poems for this one, so here are my poems for the promt:

The Casualties of Dreams,

Awake I dream of what could be But Asleep I dream of what has been re-living my past as a person at times I barely know each place is a little different and yet everything is always the same I brave storms in rooms I have lived in and walk close to the edge of cliffs where I know I have never walked fearless as I would have been  before I ever knew what it was to fall yet all the fears I have learned to hold come out like pigeons wanting crumbs and every struggle I have wrestled with manifests itself like a spirit  that floats through walls that I rarely can escape I almost lose my dearest love  down every dangerous street As I fall further from where I once was Lost and feeling alone Then my father  who has been gone for decades …

Hoarding the Light

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Linking with the Sunday Muse for Muse # 75
"We are star stuff which has taken it's destiny into it's own hands." ~Carl Sagan
Note: It was when I was a child that I learned to hold on tight keeping all I could call my own and clutch on to it with all my might my whole adulthood I have been learning to simply let it go.....
You Cannot Cage an Orb of Light but You Can Cage Your Own Heart,

To the east their hearts held loneliness To the west it was a certain fear In-between there was a desolation That spread like a woman’s tears Then one day an orb of light arrived That lit up their hearts and the sky So desperate they would lose it They took to ropes ladders and ties Trying to hold it down It lasted about one day And then the orb was gone They couldn’t make it stay I wonder if they would have let it freely stand Maybe it would have chosen to remain Some things cannot be caged But what our hearts choose to hold is truly within our hands

Transgressions of the Foolish Chorister

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Linking with the Sunday Muse for Muse # 74

"Some keep the Sabbath going to Church,  I keep it staying at Home -- with a bobolink for a Chorister, and an Orchard for a Dome." ~ Emily Dickinson

We were once a part of the song A beautiful chorus with the leaves and the birds Sunlight lit the center stage With a glorious yet sweet view But pride and greed Seeped into man’s hearts Stealing the show With no regard For how it affected The song nor the singers A chorus was meant for many A choir that sings in unison Supporting each other In harmony I pray one day We will return to Mother Nature As true prodigal sons.
  It has been a crazy week here in South Eastern Texas.  I have experienced flooding more than once over the last few years.  In 2016 my car was flooded during the dreaded “Tax Day Flood”, and in 2017 my apartment flooded during Harvey.  I am blessed to be in a house now, but during the torrential rains of tropical storm Imelda I watched waters get close…