Monday, August 8, 2022

Deaf Girl in a Powerful Song


Khatia Buniatishvili at Piano

I found another world in my deep pockets.

I reached in my hand for my keys, and I pulled out a distant dream.

I was no longer the person I remembered.

I was a deaf girl in a powerful song.

I could feel and see the sounds like colors.

When I tossed my arms into the air the pinks and blues wisped up with me like scarves in the wind.

The more I kept in motion the more it was like a dance.

Time seemed to be frozen and moving soft and slow,

 for that moment was all there was to know.

I twirled and raised my hands

I no longer needed the words.

The rumbles of the beat were all I needed to hold,

but all who sleep soundly eventually do wake up.

Sometimes dreams are for sleeping and others are for living.

Now I blindly search for words to write to a song I have never heard.



I really struggled writing this week. Not sure why I am having such a dreadful dry spell, but the last few months have been brutal that way.  On a positive note, I am delighted we had such a wonderful response this week to the theme. Thank you everyone!

Have a great week writers!

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  1. I like it! This is more ephemeral than your usual down to earth style, and it works splendidly.

  2. Killer last line on a killer poem!

  3. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart ... never change one word of your poem. I have read it more than several times this morning, and though you may have been frustrated, it reads beautifully. promise.

  4. Carrie, there is a distinctly lyrical quality to this. I could see it being set to music. Thanks for a wonderful selection of prompt images to choose from.

  5. A wonderful song, I'm listening to Clint Black's special from Ch 8, our PBS station. So I fit it in with his song, "Killin' Time". I think Black would do a good job with it. Country Western? Clint Black grew up here in Katy (TX), attended school here but dropped out before he graduated.
    Thank you for letting us anonymous folk googled has newly made. Your in invitation choices include allowing our name and URL. The latter links to the name, clickable.
    I hope your muse will soon become more active soon.

  6. What a dream! Love your poem Carrie. xx

  7. Well, if you are struggling, I wouldn't know it. I agree with Shay. This isn't your normal, but I feel a new writing vein has been exposed. Amazing!!

  8. Don't see the struggle, but I love this line:

    "I reached in my hand for my keys, and I pulled out a distant dream."

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