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This Life

Magpie Tales #42

"What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God." ~Eleanor Powell

Gently take hold of me with both hands and then keep on moving on your race each breath a new gift each step you take becomes the prize you make.

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Think Tank #25 Thankfulness
"He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has."  ~Epictetus

You can eat a full bowl of potatoes, or a full plate of sirloin steak.
You can hold a full glass of milk, or drink a full goblet of champagne.
You can play in a full toy box, or own a millionaire's full house.
You can enjoy a full retirement, or save a full bank account.
But if your heart is empty, and their are holes in your soul,
you will remain hungry, and always long for something more.

Flowers Do Grow In The Rain

You ask why life has so many tears why life's road is always rough?... but with each day and every year we learn another lesson about love.
Sometimes the path we choose can seem to be too hard... but how much more can we loose with just one more broken heart?
A finished diamond ring is not beautiful all my itself... it cannot do a thing without the polish cutter's help.
Going up mountains and over hills we are running into walls... we cannot learn the growing skill until we learn to fall.
A heart like a flower grows and reaches for the stars... but our eyes do not always know the necessity of lifes scars.
Some flowers along the beaten path are hidden among the weeds... the rain showers they must have are what help the many planted seeds.
Sometimes it takes hitting a valley low to make us finally look up... at times only a heartache's blow can make us feel true love.
You ask why there is so much sorrow why does life give us so much pain?... but too much sunshine provides no rainbow, for flowers do grow…

The Magician's Tools

Magpie #41
He is like a fickle lover, awkwardly gone before morning, yet smooth like the wrinkled sheets he left behind. He is a true magician with tricks up a sleeve, and well crafted illusions between each line. He raises up youth in a elevation act dangling upon a string. Only to let go and drop it in a disappearing act for all to see. Pulling moments out of a hat, like rabbits, that we can never retrieve. A continuous magic show that you have to see to truly believe. Yes, time is the great illusionist, and the clock one tool upon a stage, for God, and man's time and calenders have never been the same.

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The Two Sides of Regret

One Shot Wednesday

It is a broken window that has two different views looking out it is a distant ocean that we can never swim and looking in it is an endless beach with sand that lingers forever in the shoes upon our feet
It is a jagged tree that has only two branches the one we grasp tightly afraid of the fall if we let go and the other we can only gaze at for it is far beyond our reach
It is a torn map with just one chartered road that leads two ways to the east it is a place we wish we could forget and to the west it is a trip to a aged loved one we never took that we shall always grieve

The Strongest Strand

Magpie #40
If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. ~Mother Teresa

We stand together an assortment of pearls tightly strung in place embracing hope's truest strand longing for something greater in the end but when our clasp together catches on the snags of life we rip apart scattering in all dirrections yet unlike the pearl that gets lost amongst the rubble underneath a couch never to be found man makes his way back fastening together thread to stone hand to hand one heart at a time.

I have always been fascinated by the way that mankind has so many different cultures, traditions and beliefs, and yet, ultimately,we are all truly the same.  We nurture and adore our children ,work in some way to put food on the table, and long to make a difference in our sphere of influence.  We are worlds apart, yet as close knit as jewels on a strand.  Humanity, not matter how diverse, truly is an emblem of the bonds of the heart.

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The Power Amongst The Weeds

One Shot Wednesday
A whisper is just a whisper that when uttered in a crowd is hard to hear, yet in the hush of loneliness it's meaning becomes quite clear. A penny is just a penny that in our pocket humbly sits, yet if we dropped it from a skyscraper oh the damage it could inflict. A cardboard box is just a cardboard box that on it's shelf we do place, yet if it stood in a busy highway so many changes it would make. A weed is just a weed that among the flowers we regret it grows, yet they hold the power to make us tend our garden, for otherwise we sometimes won't.
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Where The River Ends

One Shot Wednesday Week #18
Our lives are like a river each flowing a certain stream as we try to go the distance to the grand destination we must reach there are hazardous twists and bends that make us sway and hard rocks and branches we must cross along the way yet we must remember when we reach the final descent that where  the river ends is simply where the ocean does begin...
......and there we shall meet again.

For Seth