My Heart is a Roaming Lion

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I feel your embrace in my deepest of dreams and I realize love is a refuge that cannot be torn down bullets are feathers that carry no weight hatchets cannot swing that far death is a bridge we all must cross heading north but love is a compass that points in all directions back before I knew the ache of an empty chair at the table my heart was a roaming lion and your love was a tree branching out that kept me safe I rested upon you full weight the fear of falling never crossed my mind my heart had never known the pounding of hitting the ground so hard now I roam streets on my own hunting for places that no longer stand before me yet I feel your embrace in my deepest of dreams and I have come to know love is a refuge that cannot be torn down.

The Temple Doors are Always Open

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"People see God every day, they just don't recognize him." ~Pearl Bailey

The oldest cathedral that can be found
has no doors nor walls
the windows are stained by God's own brush
and the bell tolls by the song sparrow's call
we need not venture to the alter
for we may kneel right where we stand
for like the smallest of branches
God is always reaching out His loving hands.

©Carrie Van Horn2020

A Graceful Arrangement

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“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose.” ~ Myles Munroe

I could not have known there was a certain mercy in empty hands Like a vase ready for meadow flowers Hollowed like a silver maple Awaiting something more All the wreckage That stole so much from my heart After the winter’s freeze Gave way to new growth Flowers that now sit upon my dinner table.

© Carrie Van Horn 2020

The Little Girl Who Could Not Cry

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Sorrow makes us all children again — destroys all differences of intellect. The wisest know nothing. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
It is a red-hot kettle the one I was never meant to hold and my heart that burns with longing has not yet learned to let it go

Direction of the Heart

"Seeing Black & White"  photography by the very talented Susie Clevenger.
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The past is not a package one can lay away. ~Emily Dickinson

In my dreams I see reflections of yesterday Leading me down black and white highways to places I once had been I wander backwards Heading into the past Holding moments long since gone I see the faces I miss so much  and hear voices That I have not heard in years Holding children that have long since grown up For in life, I have seen many things change Right before my eyes Each one is a part of what has molded the direction that my heart follows now The joy keeps me hopeful The storms inspire change The loss has given me calluses upon my knees Giving me the strength to keep moving forward No matter what lies ahead For my heart knows where I come from And that gives me the greatest direction of all.

Swept Away

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My heart is like a child that still stands beside me Uncertain but hopeful of what the future holds We watch the world together standing at the steps Hoping the world will see the beauty we hold So I wear my best hat even on the windiest of days Yet it is always my heart that gets swept away.

Martin, Mary, & the Moon

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We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own.   ~Ben Sweetland
True words linger like memories of the moon washing out doubt's shadow giving hope a lit stage for there are those that listen and those that speak poets that spark fires and heroes that live by a brighter light their tracks in the snow lead the way and if you watch the moon it follows too brilliant light flows wide and long and true words always linger like memories of the moon as imprints upon our heart.
This is dedicated to Marin Luther King Jr, Mary Oliver, and so many that are boldly inspiring change in this world.  They are the ones who enlighten and move others with a brilliant light that lasts many lifetimes to come.

©Carrie Van Horn2020