The Strongest Strand

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
~Mother Teresa

We stand together an assortment of pearls tightly strung in place
embracing hope's truest strand longing for something greater in the end
but when our clasp together catches on the snags of life we rip apart
scattering in all dirrections yet unlike the pearl that gets lost amongst
the rubble underneath a couch never to be found
man makes his way back
fastening together
thread to stone
hand to hand
one heart
at a

I have always been fascinated by the way that mankind has so many different cultures, traditions and beliefs, and yet, ultimately,we are all truly the same.  We nurture and adore our children ,work in some way to put food on the table, and long to make a difference in our sphere of influence.  We are worlds apart, yet as close knit as jewels on a strand.  Humanity, not matter how diverse, truly is an emblem of the bonds of the heart.

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  1. how true... this is beautiful Carrie!

  2. It might have taken you a long time to post but the wait was worth it.

    This really is a treasure.

  3. human beings - one big happy family. if we only acted like it. i love your magpie, and the quote at the top too.

  4. Thank you Ruth,Bee, and Vicki for stopping by...your comments always make my day,especially on Monday. :-)

  5. such a beautiful picture portrayed here of the strength and resilience of man :)

  6. Dear Carrie,
    A profound Magpie, complex on the surface ~ simple in its truth.

  7. Carrie, another beautiful post.

  8. your words are delicate and each one a pure gem. just like the string of pearls. wonderful analogy

    thank you

  9. This is beautiful, so true.. I think I need to get that knitted into my mind..

  10. "We are worlds apart, yet as close knit as jewels on a strand. Humanity, no matter how diverse, truly is an emblem of the bonds of the heart."
    Love the poem and the sentiment but sadly, Dear Carrie, it is your heart and there aren't a lot like it.
    Who or what did you vote for?

  11. Oh, Carrie I agree completely.

  12. this is so beautiful carrie, and so very true...our souls have the same needs and wants...

  13. The complexity on the surface hides the commonalities beneath. So true. we're all struggling towards common values - love, family, trust .... I liked the way you used the pearls connecting us all.

  14. Carrie,
    You have such a wonderful gift with words. I enjoyed reading this poem very much.

    Always believe in yourself Carrie!
    Best wishes, Eileen :)

  15. A fascinating poem, Carrie. I loved the shape of it. I could picture this!

  16. This is just beautiful, Carrie! I like thinking about humans as an assortment of pearls. Beautiful image.


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