The Magician's Tools

He is like a fickle lover, awkwardly gone before morning,
yet smooth like the wrinkled sheets he left behind.
He is a true magician with tricks up a sleeve,
and well crafted illusions between each line.
He raises up youth in a elevation act
dangling upon a string.
Only to let go and drop it
in a disappearing act for all to see.
Pulling moments out of a hat, like rabbits,
that we can never retrieve.
A continuous magic show that you have to see to truly believe.
Yes, time is the great illusionist, and the clock one tool upon a stage,
for God, and man's time and calenders have never been the same.

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  1. "for God, and man's time and calenders have never been the same.".. this speaks volumes to my heart. Thank you Carrie for always being so inspiring!!


  2. Yes, fickle, indeed. Nice piece, Carrie.

  3. Wonderful write... time is always an illusion, isn't it. For moments past quickly disappear.

  4. I love this!
    time, the great illusionist. I've always been fascinated with it. every word of your poem speaks truth.
    what an awesome piece
    thank you

  5. Yes, a 'fickle lover' indeed, and I feel you are in this poem, but the "clock one tool upon a stage," is handy if you want to catch a train.

  6. Thank you Ruth,Kathe,Willow,Reflections,Hope, and Stafford for taking the time to stop by...time is so quick to
    I always appreciate everyones encouragment and fun comments...and yes, Stafford gotta watch the clock if you wanna make the always make me smile. :-)

  7. Great capture of time on the fly - fickle lover, indeed!

  8. a day like 1000 years for him..god's and man's time have never been the same..true..really liked your poem..and learned a new word..fickle..time's a fickle lover indeed

  9. This is mesmerizing. Such a beautiful piece. How talented you are.

  10. Oh, I love this - time, the fickle lover, the great illusionist. I also like the shape of the poem - close to hourglass and yet not quite... Was that time up to his old tricks again? :)

  11. Watch he doesn't make the clock's hands disappear altogether, only to reappear under your hat!

  12. Carrie --May you and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving...bkm

  13. Dear Carrie,

    In your last post, you said

    I have always been fascinated by the way that mankind has so many different cultures, traditions and beliefs, and yet, ultimately,we are all truly the same. We nurture and adore our children ,work in some way to put food on the table, and long to make a difference in our sphere of influence. We are worlds apart, yet as close knit as jewels on a strand. Humanity, not matter how diverse, truly is an emblem of the bonds of the heart.

    This is how I feel too. One of the ways we can understand other cultures is by appreciating their legends and folklore - straight into the stories that helped shaped childhood. As you might have noticed, I am passionate about folklore.

    My contribution is through writing Malay folklore which sadly, is fast disappearing. I am taking some time off to research and write my next book LEGENDS - From The Makyung.

    So if you see less of me on the poet blogsphere, you know I am busy writing. But I will be thinking of you and checking up your poetry even though I might be silently passing through.

  14. Dear Carrie,
    What a lovely Blog. You creative soul.
    Your verse speaks to me.
    Thank you...

  15. Oh Carrie, I really like this one...fantastic!

  16. Beautiful, Carrie, even if you had a fickle lover!

  17. Truth - well put and it speaks to my heart, reminding me that indeed, man's time and God's are always different!

  18. this is lovely....and so true.

    thank you so much for visiting and for you kind words of's so wonderful to *meet* you. you have a fabulous space here...


  19. Thank you so much all are one the things I am thankful for this wonderful blogging friends!


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