Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Fear of Falling

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Fear is the highest fence.  ~Dudley Nichols

It is the falling that always gets to us
that keeps a person away from the scenic edge

holding tight to the railing for safety
distancing one's feet from the outer ledge.
That feeling of utter loss of control
when there is nothing below our feet
and the uncertainty of the landing
becomes another excuse to surely retreat.
For falling in love is a force that takes us off the beaten path
and if we choose to follow, it takes all the courage we have.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wisdom Has Callused Feet

The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. ~Muhammad Ali

If I could go back in time and look at my wedding through my divorced eyes what would I see? Would it be disappointment or a waist of time?
A bouquet of regrets held by a fool in white?

If I could go back to my childhood roots and see myself skipping through eyes with now slow shoes what would I see?  Would it be awkward steps that lead to the wrong road? A journey of ignorance or a blind traveler that still rushes to the unknown?

Truth is I just can't go back.  There are no time travelers and no magic rabbits in hats.
This life I have been living is a course that must be  hardily explored to advance.
For wisdom is a raw experience that requires exertion to truly understand.

When I look back over my life I realize that there is no way that I could know then what I know now.  Even if I could travel in time and give my self a million warnings, and believe me I needed a million of them, it just would not be the same.  I am who I am today because of all the troubles and the many blessings combined.   They have all played a part in molding me into the person I have become; a person full of compassion, hope, love, tolerance, a little bit of wisdom, with hands that know how to let go of regrets, and a few calluses to prove it. :-)

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Charing Cross Road, 1937 by Wolfgang Suschitzky

"Time and the hour run through the roughest day."
~William Shakespeare

This one is for you Berowne.  You will be missed by many indeed. :-(

Sometimes it feels as if all I have done is make a mad dash through my life.  As if I am in a race against time, I storm through a situation and place, and I am fast.  Swift like a cheetah on the pursuit of another meal.  You could call it, the big hunt for fulfillment, and you could call me "Flash", cause that is all you will see of me even if you are dear to my heart.  I am being brutally honest here.  Cannot sugar coat in the rain unless you want an even bigger mess.  The new year is upon us, and my hope for myself is to be more available to those I love.

The time in between the years
the dash on the marble stone
I guess I have taken it literally
I dash from here to there
across puddles in my path
from my car into the store
and back again
one job to the next
a never ending relay race
that only I run
and the winner is:
drum roll please....