The Fear of Falling

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Fear is the highest fence.  ~Dudley Nichols

It is the falling that always gets to us
that keeps a person away from the scenic edge

holding tight to the railing for safety
distancing one's feet from the outer ledge.
That feeling of utter loss of control
when there is nothing below our feet
and the uncertainty of the landing
becomes another excuse to surely retreat.
For falling in love is a force that takes us off the beaten path
and if we choose to follow, it takes all the courage we have.

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  1. Excellent! Ah,sometimes it takes a person a long time to RISK falling in love. It might be one of the most courageous things a person ever does!

  2. (Carrie, you still have not put your link in over at PU! Hope you will.)

  3. Wow!! Never thought of love that way before :D now that you mention it does take a whole lot of courage to trust and fall in love completely :D Brilliant piece :D

    Lots of love,

  4. Falling in love takes courage, and staying, loving takes even more. Enjoyed reading this.

  5. Falling in love for some is a guaranteed minefield of suffering.One has to be courageous or insane or both:)

  6. So succinctly spoken...wisdom and so visually delivered. It brought back a dream I had about leaning over the edge of a cliff...reaching for lilacs...not wanting to lean too far...a friend appeared and fearlessly reached - retrieved the cluster of fragrant flowers.

    I love your blog - butterflies are a big thing for me on lots of levels and your theme and stream of side widgets are wonderful!

    Thank you. :)

  7. Carrie, it is so lovely to see you posting here! Falling in love is the most courageous thing of all. I love this poem!

  8. I loved how you started the poem...and the way it ended...lovely..
    Your blog looks stunningly beautiful!!

  9. The choice of image and word marry together perfectly..and sometimes we must tread new paths to realise that sense of joy and fearlessness

  10. Superb! Yes, love is not for the faint of heart. It needs fire, passion.

  11. Indeed. IT is literally correct: falling in love, falling into the depths of love requires courage and commitment. Loved it!

  12. aww...that Fall is truly graceful and requires a great deal of lovely to see you back Carrie...

  13. My dearest Carrie,
    The fear makes living all the more precious. Escape the fear and we begin to chase meaning in life, endlessly.

  14. I loved this Carrie, and it is in a similar vein to the theme of my poem. Falling in love is indeed fearsome and it takes courage to teeter off the edge, despite the "uncertainty of the landing".

  15. Carrie,

    You've captured most thoughts about fear and the courage to rise up again. Standing close to the edge can be traumatic at times, but perhaps the result can offer encouragement to get us to that end point (of happiness).

  16. I love the last two lines ~ Very inspiring to read Carrie ~ Hope you are well ~

  17. Falling in love might be the only time that falling is fun. Remember when we were young and had flying dreams?


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