Monday, October 6, 2014

Light Is A Lover With Long Blonde Hair

photo by Kelsey Hannah

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Thank you Mary. 

Light, God's eldest daughter...  ~Thomas Fuller

Light is a lover with long blonde hair
she reaches out like an heiress
full of beauty yet no cares.

Her touch is warm and soothing
that lies full weight upon the skin
 as she looks hard in your direction
but she will never let you in.

She holds a subtle power that
overtakes the darkest place
bringing forth a certain glory
though you will never view her face.


  1. Seldom...but hardly ever, do I wish a poem would continue on and on. Maybe b/c you write simply and well. And I tell myself (frequently) "It's over when it's over"..."It ends at the end!" Like a movie which lasted 2½ hours GIRL GONE and the old man I took and myself agreed, we could have sat through another hour. (Which smells like "sequel".)

    Love and light, as in "You--light up my life"..."Lovelight in your eyes" etc., etc. What I found here is that (IMO) light does not displace dark. Dark is what's left after light decides to go...
    Thank you Carrie!

  2. that subtle power and certain glory make her what she is...light beautifully personified...truly god's eldest daughter :)

  3. Beautifully written... 'light' yet thought provoking and profound :)

  4. She is all any one would dream of! Lovely poem.

  5. nice.. you capture a bit of the magic of light... her essence.. love the image with the long blonde hair...

  6. The power you give here in stanza three is wonderful! A terrific end following the build up.

  7. A wonderfully evocative poem, Carrie! And I would certainly agree that 'her touch is warm and sooting'.

  8. Though we never view her face we know her beauty and her warmth. Enjoyed this poem greatly, Carrie.

  9. with gossamer threads
    the light
    wove it's way
    through her fingers
    so soft

    good piece

  10. Very dreamy in content and yet consice.

  11. Sounds very much like a secret lover keeping you at bay. Well written.

  12. The rhyming scheme in this piece (and I do love and appreciate rhyme done well) is brilliantly crafted and a wonderful vehicle for the awesome personification you've penned here. Wonderful!


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