Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fulfillment Is Like A Dixie Cup

Linking with Poetry Jam for Gabriella's prompt "If I were"

 "There are people who have money and people who are rich." ~Coco Chanel

If I were wealthy with more money than I could spend
and beautiful like Mona Lisa attracting all the men
with fame like Marilyn and grace like Fred Astaire
I would have everything I wanted and no worries nor cares
but if I am soberly honest and think it through like a queen
I am certain that this wealth would not truly change a thing
cause no matter where I live be it a mansion or a trailer park
I will still have worries and can still have a broken heart
in fact the deepest problems could possible get bigger to
for the more you got the more you truly got to lose
so pour my champagne in a Dixie cup and fill it to the top
I don't need a crystal goblet I am happy with what I got.

Fulfillment is like a Dixie cup that fills up rather fast
a little is sufficient when you have a fuller glass.

What gives you the greatest fulfillment in your life?


  1. So much wisdom here. I think people often discover this when they have all the money they can spend. Every life has wealth if you just look for it.

  2. You are steadfast, wise ... and real, Carrie!

  3. we often look at others circumstances and think they have it so much better...but i would not want money or fame...they seem to be the road that leads to some pretty dark places...

  4. I think I'd hate to be famous. besides, as you point out in your poem, there are a number of things money and fame cannot purchase. And good champagne is good, whatever the cup!

  5. love this rhythmic wise lines Carrie...our happiness is in contentment...

  6. Love the image, the quote, and the thoughts that reflect them both so perfectly. I'd much rather be rich than wealthy. ;-)

  7. Love your attitude Carrie ~ Pour me one, please ~

  8. Oh I LOVE this and the forest I get to walk in everyday makes me happy and gets me through. Hug B

  9. There is serenity in simplicity. If you have all that your needs require, having to tend to more than you need (and for the wealthy, more than you could possible ever use) is a lot of work . . . for nothing.

  10. You have definitely spoken some words of truth. A cup is just a cup the questions is does the cup fill your thirst whether paper or crystal.

  11. The quality contained in your cup is majestic, you are indeed blessed to be able to enjoy it humbly

    Happy you stopped by my blog

    Much love...

  12. I enjoyed this, Carrie. Wonderful wisdom in your words. Happiness with what you have is a great thing!

  13. This is great and such theatrical wonder in it. Wisdom in beautiful words.

  14. We were given the opportunity to realize how little we needed the year we were displaced by a house fire. Living in a motel for 11 months we found we were happier than ever. Little is much.

  15. Wise words in your poem Carrie. I like the way you expressed this. Being content brings great peace. The grass isn't always greener for sure.


"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson