A Whisper In a Hailstorm

Now I know, a refuge never grows
from a chin in the hand and a thoughtful pose
Gotta tend the earth if you want a rose.
~Indigo Girls

 At a glance, you cannot see a shadow in the dark.
Its beginnings are as undefined as recognizing
one face in a crowd.
For no eyes have ever taken awe at a 
painting halfway done.
Its colors are as obscure as
the misunderstood ring of
a vaguely uttered sound.
Listing, you cannot hear a
whisper in a hailstorm.
Its vibrations vanish in the wind
unnoticed as a sigh of regret.
For a heart has never been moved
by an act of complacency.
Its message is as uninspiring
as words that were never said.
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  1. Your message is strongly felt in this poem, Carrie. Great use of comparison.

  2. The images of whispers in a hailstorm and a shadow in the dark.. The half painted painting and the complacent love... It all come together so well.

  3. Lovely ... your title: an inspired, indelible precursor to a beautifully penned contemplation of that which is left undone and unspoken.

  4. Complacency is ineffective, for sure. I like the way you tied this together at the end.

  5. If heard it said that only our good acts survive our death. A good heart is known for its acts. Only a smile is visible in the dark. Nicely crafted, loved the slant rhyme. It resonates.

  6. Dear Carie, this poem should be used as guidelines for relationships where partners focus on doing "just enough" and sometimes less than that. Then again, they might miss the message completely...

  7. Wow - wonderfully and deeply expressed. Enjoyed it immensely. Loved it all, but the last four really pack a punch.

  8. What a beautiful message this is. Looks as if you and i both love butterflies! They have a great deal of meaning in my life. Hugs to you from Texas


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