image by Zelko Nedic

"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on." ~Havelock Ellis

We hold on to life
like a leash on a prized black lab
not wanting to lose a grip
on what we have and do not have
so we precede in our places 
pulling tighter as we move fast
trying to train the future
to be better than the past
we want to breed a champion
a great legacy to be viewed
yet the harder we hold on
the more freedom we do lose
for the handler of the show
and the true holder of the leash
is gracefully trying to guide us
if we will follow where He leads.


  1. Well we know who the real boss is- and that is what we need day by day!

  2. if we follow...that is def the cinch point...trying to train the future...i like that line, so true...smiles.

  3. I like the last line..if only we hear his voice and follow where he leads ~

  4. A really different dimension for the pic.....great....

  5. Love the way you have put this all together, Carrie.

  6. Very well written ... loved it :-)

  7. Carrie
    so eloquently written. Wise words.

  8. Carrie,

    This is a very thoughtful poem and has a prayer-like message within your words. Accepting guidance is always helpful.

    Eileen :)

    Hope all is good with you Carrie. My grandson is fourteen months old and almost walking and trying to talk. A dear little boy:)

  9. I like the perceptive way you can find a deeper meaning in a life situation! A lovely message here.

  10. ... 'trying to train the future
    to be better than the past' ~ wouldn't that be lovely?

  11. Handled like a proverb my dear
    The best way is to follow the master
    dogs obviously get it (usually)

    Grateful for the fitting words you pen...

  12. So many truths beautifully interwoven here.

  13. I love this! So true to the heart!

    Hey Mom! : ) I know I haven't posted in a while, but I'm back! I have changed my name, however, from Redefining Normal to Momabetic. I felt the need to change it when I added my other (new) blog. So next time, I'll be posting under my new name. Just wanted you to know. : )

  14. Carrie, your opening lines are powerful, and the poem itself is a beautiful metaphor for Divine guidance. I appreciate you.

  15. hey you...was great to see you today...smiles...

  16. Yes, I totally GET this. We all want to breed that champion, to have a future that is better than the past. Perhaps this is human nature? I love the concept that the true holder of the leash is HE who is guiding us. Very nice, Carrie. So nice to see you writing. Blessings to you.


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