Writer's Block

artwork by Jack Vettriano

"Ink and paper are sometimes passionate lovers, oftentimes brother and sister, and occasionally mortal enemies."  ~Terri Guillemets

I hope for a muse like a lady in waiting
peering through sheer curtains
at a world that seems so far away
words that once lingered with me
like a lover in love
now are nowhere
to be seen
I wait in silence
looking to the distance
hoping for a grand return
but I will not give up
true love never does.


  1. So glad I checked Magpies today - I'm off for a few days with no internet access. Your header photo is beyond beautiful - poem gives inspiration and hope (never giving up.)

  2. Been there~a cpl hundred times, and yes, it comes back like a lover just out for a prowl

  3. nah it usually comes around when you least expect it...and the only way out is to write yourself through it....

  4. Carrie, I have no doubt that your words will return. I think you made a wonderful first step when you wrote shared this poem. I agree with Brian about writing yourself through those dry spells.

  5. Don't ever give up ~ You know, if you just write everyday, even if its small or just for sheer fun, I find I gain momentum and eventually find my muse ~

    Hope all is well ~

  6. I totally agree with Brian (and it's no surprise) - words will come back and take you by surprise. Looks like you're on the right path...

  7. I'm with you Carrie, been going through a dry desert myself. It must be the season but love endures.

  8. Bear trundled over from J. C. Newbery's poetry blog, and found my friend Helen is already here. This is a good sign.

    Staring off into nowhere, waiting with true love that does't give up. Delightfully romantic. Hope the love is returned.

  9. positive inspiration Carrie, Lovely,

  10. At some stage in our lives, we all have to wait - be it for love, the lover, the words...beautifully written.

  11. Your muse isn't gone. You've made a nice poem about it and that's not a writer's block I say. You just need a little inspiration to keep you going.

  12. There is your muse. Well written. I haven't written for ages. A holiday gave me a vibe to write again

  13. beautifully penned and love your header pic.

  14. Oh Carrie you expressed this so well
    You need an art date : ) and a hug ((()))

  15. Yes, beautifully expressed. And what a force for peace true love is. And do never give up. Even a yearning is better than despair!


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