Life Is A Loaded Gun


Sometimes life can seem unforgiving like the trigger of a loaded gun.

You can be in the line of fire no matter where you choose to run.

Every decision and place one tries to be safe and hide,

becomes the target that the bullet will surely find.

This world is full of choices that we can dodge or we can face.

We can confront the open barrel and be shot or just be grazed.

Sometimes life can seem unforgiving like a weapon in a gunman's hand,

but we will never overcome the struggle unless we bravely take a stand.


  1. Lovely to see your work linked to Real Toads, Carrie and thank you for your on-going support of my work, which goes back several years.

  2. we will never overcome the struggle unless we bravely take a stand...true that...and life is a loaded gun...and it will go off...all in who it is pointed at in that time...smiles.

  3. I for one try to stay away from loaded guns! Ha! Ha! Unless they're pointed away from me! I just adore this photo! Amazing!

  4. Carrie, I could feel this raw emotional pull. The stance of standing true to one's soul and gifts.
    Powerful imagery! This so spoke to the tilted view I am going through write(right) now ;D

    Thank you @>------

  5. True that we can never overcome unless we take a is not easy but a worthwhile journey. Lovely write.

  6. I loved this post Carrie...truly powerful

  7. What a powerful metaphor to use ~ But I agree with you that we bravely need to take a stand ~

  8. First off...that is a really cool pic to go along with the words. And a strong message of the challenge that life presents and what could happen if you face it head on. Loved this.

  9. Very true Carrie. Sometimes we all get trapped in the crossfire of other's lives too. Have a great day! Laurel

  10. It's all about standing, isn't it! Raising sons can be overwhelming and over-powering - but loving enough to face the challenge and not flinch - that is unconditional love - isn't it! We have to love enough to take the hard stands!

    There's hard truth, important truth in your poem!

  11. I don't think we can dodge the choices-only delay them and that, usually to regret.
    it's only life after all.
    well spoken

  12. Posted a prayer for you, at Emily's. Love you, Girl.

  13. Your words ring so very true. I was struck by the photo. My first reaction was "why on earth would anyone want to shoot a rose??" What creative curiosity would set up such a photo "shoot." (no pun intended)

    But you put it in perspective and make us think carefully about our decisions.


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  16. I understand this idea....happens more times then one would really want LOL Sometimes requiring the supperwoman: faster then a speeding bullet concept. :)

  17. This is exactly what happens to us when we refuse to compromise our integrity. Beautifully written. Spot on!


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