You Are What Ya Eat

image by Klaus Enrique Gerdes

Poor old Igbad Mohamed Kazoo
fell in love with the witch doctor
that lived in hut two

He was warned to watch out by the tribe
but Igbad was in love
 and you know love is blind

So one day he was out picking grapes
he lost track of time
and missed thier big date

That was it for the witch doctor Shameen
she did her voo doo spell
and said" YOU ARE WHAT YA EAT!!"

This poem is inspired by my dear friend Stafford who is always making me laugh and smile.  Thank you Stafford this one is for you. :-)



  1. very cute, and funny. I love the quote and picture at the beginning of your blog on the left.

  2. uh oh...better know better than to mess with the witch doctor you know...smiles....ha fun story carrie

  3. A pleasing and unique little write. Big smiles on this one! I'd be a walking chocolate fountain, I would!

  4. "You are what you eat!"
    Yes, but with this prompt, we eat what you are!

  5. Hahaha - well that explains it! This is a fun one Carrie.

  6. Great take on the prompt. Great fun!

  7. That we are what we eat both physically and spiritually ...blessings..bkm

  8. Oh I loved this. That is one voodoo spell!

  9. Good job! I firmly believe humor is the other way to deal with that picture prompt. :)

  10. Whoww...I love a funny fairy tale....

  11. Thanks for the mention but this time I bow to the genius of this line from Berowne: "You are what you eat!
    Yes, but with this prompt, we eat what you are!"


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