The Birth of Opportunities

image: djajakarta

"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction
 and the opportunity to start over
 no matter what my circumstances." 
~Robert Flatt

 From the time we take in our first breath new beginnings never end,
life is full of them like autumn leaves are to the wind.
One phase of our journey reaches a final close,
while yet another passage like a flower will open and unfold.
Each man is a pioneer in the exploration of his own path.
Every chance a gift in progress for the future from the past.
Many endings cross our way as we tread down the streets to home,
yet all the changes before us are simply new opportunities being born.


  1. This HAS to be a new favorite of mine from you!

    "Each man is a pioneer in the exploration of his own path.
    Every chance a gift in progress for the future from the past."

    This should be filed as 'quotes by Carrie'.

    Oh so fantastic!

  2. I really liked this Carrie. I especially liked the forward-thinking nature of this poem. Great work!

  3. each man a pioneer of his own path...truth that and life is in the figuring out of that...really love your header...i could just sit and stare at it a bit...

  4. Love this....Every chance a gift in progress for the future from the past. :)

  5. so true..i much like how you pen this...the pioneering, the things that end and start...always on the way...the quote is also very cool..i like

  6. Always hoping for new opportunities!

  7. Meaningful words...I like new opportunities being born ~

  8. Beautifully written.

    Like your music.

  9. Every day i read your blogs.. I'm slowly falling in Love with You Carrie..

  10. "One phase of our journey"...I love where I'm taken in full of wisdom, an awakening!

  11. ..'evry changes are new opportunities..' - i liked that truly Carrie... happy to read your words today!!!(:

    Take care always!(:


  12. Ah, to be born and reborn anew. This piece is truly a gift.

  13. I bet you say: "I am looking forward to ......" a lot. I do too.

  14. Wise words, beautifully crafted. Always a joy to come here.

  15. Carrie, really like this and the visual to go along with it is superb. Blessings.

  16. Hey I found you. I just googled your name.

  17. I like the idea of quotes from Carrie. This is beautifil in it's open optimism

  18. Life, well written. It reminds me of that Chinese ideogram for crisis, which is comes from danger and opportunity.

  19. Carrie, you write from a place deep inside your soul, your heart. That's nice.

  20. Your writing has passion. I liked this.



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