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"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home." ~Author Unknown

Twig by twig we build our world long before a boy becomes a man.
The tools that our father's father used eventually fill our hands.
All the methods our great grandfathers learned from the ones that built before,
are passed down to the next generation through trial, error and lesson's chore.
Every sinful habit, and constructive wisdom gained in the design,
are blueprints our fore fathers drafted that determine our way in life.
Yet, simply because a frame is formed and a life is completely raised,
does not mean that the lines drawn before cannot be productively erased.

Being the mother of someone in recovery, I have learned that we are all  in so many ways products of our past, and the past of our parents before us.  The way we build our lives and relationships directly affects our children and then our grand children as well.  When there is unhealthy behavior, it builds a nest of quandary that can become a pattern that others follow for years to come.  Yet, like trigs and limbs of a tree, patterns can be broken, and then removed.   We can rebuild something worthwhile from a nest that is destructive. That is the beauty of the recovery of the human spirit when it is open to the truth in this life.


  1. Very thoughtful and very true Carrie.

    Anna :o]

  2. nicely done...thanks for sharing your words

  3. Your nest is a comfort. Your words a refreshment. Here one can recover some of what is lost.

    Blessings Carrie.

  4. so similiar our thinking and experiences.......

  5. Very nice piece...and your thoughts afterwords are very well put together and also probably hard won. Coming to the place you spoke from is a hard journey.


  6. You have come up with a thoughtful post to accompany that disconcerting picture!

  7. Writing from a place deep within the heart is good ... thank you Carrie, for sharing part of yourself with us.

  8. i hear you...funny we were just talking very similar last night at the meeting...

  9. Nature and nurture are both powerful forces. Keep up your nurturing!

  10. As you so eloquently point out, it's right/ necessary to break away from a destructive past. You got to the heart of things..

  11. very inspiring piece....sinful and destructive patterns of the past generations of our families can be "broken and removed" through faith and healing of the family tree. i can relate to this...thank you for sharing...

  12. Very moving piece, Carrie. Your words after the poem remind me of a message I heard from Chuck Swindoll and he re-iterated this quote a few times...'we can do nothing to change our the patterns of our ancestry...only our descendants!'

    You always find a poem with wisdom, no matter the picture! I admire and appreciate it.


  13. Very inspirational and poignant.

  14. Wow. Just sitting here wanting to read and re-read that because it speaks so eloquently of what my heart feels when trying to raise my son.

    Thank you. Praying your son feels the hands of his Savior as part of his future.

  15. this is so true Carrie....products of our past but never having to become what we lived. He freed me when nothing else could and now....I chose to trust and change and be whatever He wants so my past doesn't have to become someone else's future. Have a wonderful Easter.

  16. Aren't you glad that a miracle does not have to be evident to the eye, but is also revealed in the hopes and dreams of our lives.

    If we but open them.

  17. What a beautiful message you carry, Carrie. So true that lessons can be learned from the past to build a better future. This is powerful and inspirational :)

  18. gracias for visiting my blog.

    i read a couple of your pieces concerning dealing with addiction in the family. inspirational

  19. Very well written. Loved coming to your blog.


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