All That We Cannot See

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"Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you cannot feel it."
~Nicholas Sparks, A Walk To Remember

We search for proof like Sherlock Holmes,
looking at the world through a magnifying glass.

We dig like archaeologists looking for bones,
sure we will find the next great artifact.

The mystery that surrounds the world in which we live,
is greater than any astronomer's telescope can see.

No architect can calculate it's size and width,
nor scholar prove in scientific theory.

All the beliefs that fill each heart and soul,
are hard for the logical mind to truly grasp.

For all the sight our spectacles can surely know,
depends on the vision our hearts will truly have.


  1. This was truly beautiful Carrie...very truly beautiful.

  2. I think that's where the expression 'Blind faith' comes in, isn't it? Love is blind, we just know its there in everything our sense allow us to connect with.
    Beautiful imagery.

  3. There is so much mystery we don't understand. We just have to trust. I enjoyed your poem very much, Carrie.

  4. 4th and 6th stanzas really pack a punch. It is OK to look and search for the answer... we must fill in the rest with faith.

  5. nice..great rhyme in this...and is hard to prove, or maybe the basis of is more something to know...which seems a conundrum itself...smiles.

  6. Very wise words and true. I love your new blog header, Carrie!

  7. Carrie
    This was beautiful! We all need a pair of glasses like this~
    The world's vision needs to be tweaked~ Well Done
    I have to read it again! :D

  8. a perceptive, fine poem.

  9. ... another nugget of truth!!

  10. We have to see and hear with our hearts, it's true, this one makes my heart happy 8-D

  11. So true, for there is so much in this world we don't understand, but we keep looking for the answers. Of course, we will never find them.

    Great poem!

  12. Lovely writing, Carrie....and the photo on your header is stunning. Makes me queasy:)


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