Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Metaphors Have Stained Glass Windows

A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of a faraway place.  A traveler on the plane sees the farmhouse below and dreams of home.  ~Robert Brault

Museum Artifacts:
Some dreams are like a glassed in museum artifacts,
we can see it and ponder it's beauty, but we can never hold it in our hands.

A Nearby Explosion:
Memories are like a nearby explosion,
the moment it happens is brief, but the ringing in our ears can last a lifetime.

An Old Shirt:
Bitterness is like an old shirt,
the more you wear it the more comfortable it gets, and the stains become permanent.

A Passing Train:
Harsh words are like a passing train,
they pass us by harmlessly many times but when they hit us they are devastating.

A Burning Forest;
The gangs of the ghetto are like a burning forest,
they stand together in danger unable to run and that is where they shall fall.

A Repaired Leaky Roof:
Courage is like a repaired leaky roof,
you never know if it will hold strong until it rains.

That Fine Crystal Vase:
Sometimes love is like that fine crystal vase you always longed for,
when you finally have it you place it on a high shelf to protect it from breaking and its true beauty is never revealed.

A Handgun:
Power is like a handgun,
When it is used wisely it serves its purpose of protection, but when it is used carelessly it is a danger to us all.

Prejudice is like condensation on a window pane,
the difference in temperature makes it impossible for one side to see through to the other.

Wild Flowers:
Chances are like wild flowers,
they come and go with the seasons yet only we can decide to stop and pick them up.

Deep Splinters:
Mistakes are like deep splinters,
they enter our lives easily, but they are very hard to work out.

A Pin Drop:
Hope is like a pin drop,
it can fall in a room and never be noticed, yet it is still there just the same.

Stained Glass Windows:
Feelings are like stained glass windows,
everyone that looks through them views things a little differently, but when it is shattered we all see it is a crying shame.



  1. oh wow...love the structure of this..it is different which is immediately appealling...i like the handgun/power one...and the stain glass window brings a nice close to this...

  2. I love these metaphors (similes?) So rich in meaning and nicely penned. Wisdom distilled like a fine wine!

  3. Oh WOW!!! The best thing I have read in ever so long! Carrie,you have you own book of quotes and poetry bound to join a world of classics, right?

    Thank-you again for sharing your wisdom and talent.

  4. wonderful, carrie - so much thought and time writing and definitely for me, pondering these things. and the photo is too cool!

  5. These are so good and a stunning image.

  6. Wow Carrie, I loved it~ Wonderful photo; I love the last stanza~ I have to read it again ;D

  7. oh wow carrie..much wisdom in these.. think the condensation one is my favorite..what a great image..and one to keep in mind...

  8. Carrie, this is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This is beautiful, Carrie :)

    My first visit here, you have a lovely blog :)


  10. May I just say I LOVE every single word connected to the other and that so fitting pic?
    Beautiful- as always, Carrie.

  11. I never metaphor I didn't like - especially these! Just love the picture and the quote too! And let's go shopping! :o)


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....and they lived happily ever after.....
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