Language of The Soul

Photo by Ella Wilson

"With all your science - can you tell how it is, and whence it is, that light comes into the soul?"
~Henry David Thoreau

There is a language that knows no words.
It has no sound nor a ring.
Yet if you listen with your heart
you can  hear it's voice sing.
I have heard it in a babie's laugh
I have seen it in weary eyes of the old.
Once I held it in my arms in the midst of letting go.
It lingers in hope's calling resounding through the night.
It whispers like the wind though no vision is in sight.
Prayer is its sweet song that sours like eagles up above.
The closer that you look the louder it becomes.

Thursday Think Tank # 76 Soul's Whisper


  1. Carrie this is exquisite. I love the last line and, the fact that you couldn't stop! penny

  2. Carrie,

    You have added a perfect prayer to the image. It says it all, in your words.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  3. 'Once I held it in my arms in the midst of letting go.'(this line makes you stop and re-read it to gleans its full impact) this poem is so perfect to the prompt!


  4. I agree with Janet on the line. It's beautiful. The whole piece "SOARS"! It doesn't "sours". :)

  5. I was so tired that I fell asleep at 8 pm. Now it's 3 AM, and I'm wide awake. Somewhere in the interim, I dreamed that you were the national poet: totally famous, reading for the president. You were on national tv! I kept telling everyone: I know her! I've read her poetry for years! People taunted me about it. They said: "You don't know her anymore than you know anyone else in blog land. You've never even met her in person." All of this makes me want to hop a plane at 3 AM. Really.

    I hope you become the national poet even if we never meet in person!

  6. This is a lovely poem, honest and full of feeling.

  7. This is a beautiful gem of a poem - and the perfect compliment to Ella's photograph.

  8. Beautifully expressed sentiments here. Yes, there IS a language that knows no words....indeed you have expressed the idea of prayer so beautifully

  9. I haven't being praying for these passed weeks., this just reminded me to pray before I sleep tonight. its 3:08 am here In South, Korea :)
    this was beautiful.xo

  10. Wow! That was amazing. I entered a new realm. :D Thank you for sharing.

    -Erick Flores

  11. Can't wait to read more of your work! I joined your site!

    -Erick Flores

  12. Beautiful... a baby's laugh does it to me every time.

  13. I dig you message - keep these coming!

  14. I love it; I love, I love the images you chose to share, so powerful and beautiful! All you chose represent the voice of the whisper, so beautiful!
    I love these lines:

    "It lingers in hope's calling resounding through the night.
    It whispers like the wind though no vision is in sight"

    Truly insightful and stunning! I wish I had wrote this ;D


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