The Empty Room

This poem was written many years ago by my stepdaughter Amber.  She lost her oldest child when he was merely 2 years old, but his smile lives on in our all our hearts, and in Heaven.

What good is a bed where no one will sleep?
And an empty room where one person weeps?

What good is a shirt that no one will wear?
Attached to memories of someone not there.

What good is a toy with no one to play?
Where laughter once was, but did not stay.

What good is a book that sits unread?
Filled with words that are no longer said.

What good is a picture where no one smiles?
As good as a mother without a child.

By Amber Whitworth
Written for Seth 


  1. Beautiful poem, one feels the real and true emotion. Tragic and poignant.

  2. Sam you are such a wonderful encouragment....:-)

  3. carrie, it makes you wonder how anyone in so much pain could write so eloquently? as a mom myself, this broke my heart...
    how is she doing nowadays??
    so good of you to post this in her behalf :)

  4. God bless him in heaven....a wonderfully written poem that made every hair on my body stand up!

  5. I am sorry, I don't know if this is meant for everyone to read, but it is so beautiful, that I had to let you know it touched my heart. May God bless your stepdaughter and give her His peace.

  6. Oh my! So sad and yet beautiful at the same time.

  7. how very moving.
    I don't suppose the pain of losing a child ever really fades, no matter how long ago it was.

  8. Thank you everyone for your kindness and is appreciated very much.
    Amber has been an avid writer since she was a young teenager, and is very talented. I have been trying to talk her into starting a blog, but she is very busy with 3 girls. She is doing well....she just recently remarried to a wonderful man that treats her like a princess, and she so deserves it.

  9. How very tragic that your step-daughter lost her son before he turned two. This poem gets into the pain, sadness. I know it is something she / you will never really get over. I am glad she has 3 daughters and a man who treats her like a princess!

  10. Thank you Mary for taking the time to read it and your encouraging words, they are appreciated very much. :-)


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