All We Can See

In the midst of a heavy rain all we might see

is our good shoes getting wet

traveling down the desert path all we might see

is it is a long way to the river

at the end of a barrel of a gun all we might see

is all we love slipping away

staring down the trigger side of a gun all we might see

is everything we hate

at the edge of  mountain top all we might see

is how far we could fall

yet in the deep valley at our darkest place

all we can see

is the way up

and start searching for the light.


  1. Beautiful poem, Carrie, it stirs the soul and brings a smile to one's face. Your message is so true and so resounding, when we lose all else, there is still hope.

  2. Carrie, beautiful poems... i hadn't been here for some time and i'm most happy to read not one but three beautiful poems of yours.


  3. Going down as I read ..all we get something
    Down to the bottom the highest hope

    Reading you is a must, carrie...

    PS I think I already commented but it vanished, so just in case..

  4. Sam you are always an encouragment to me...thank you for being such a great blogging friend. :-)

    Ruth I hope you are having a great weekend and getting some much needed rest. Always wonderful to have you stop by. You are such a blessing to me! :-)

    Hi Dulce so glad you came by and read this one...I have really been enjoying your beautiful poetry, Hugs to you to. :-) :-)

  5. Lovely poem Carrie

  6. Thank you Madamebutterfly for stopping by and reading it...hope you have a great weekend! :-)

  7. Carrie, this poem is filled with wonderful messages. I do think that sometime a person has to be in his/her darkest place in order to finally be drawn to the light.

  8. Such a positive and uplifting end to your poem. I really enjoyed reading it.

  9. I agree with you about that Mary...thank you for reading it...I really enjoyed your poem for the really makes you think about the inportance of sight! :-)

    Thank you Paul for stopping by. Have enjoyed reading all of your haiku. :-)

  10. Dear Carrie,
    Really wonderful - a reminder to see beyond. To reach for the light always.

  11. Wonderful take on the prompt! Excellently crafted!

    -Weasel =)

  12. Beautiful. I love how you can describe so well what it would be to look through at each of those things. I loved. Excellent!

  13. Nicely crafted poem ... the way the line breaks at "see" hold one in suspense for the next line.

  14. I absolutely love this. What a wonderful piece!

  15. Very masterfully structured
    Soleful, plain language creating it's own nternal rhythm and beauty

  16. Good write I love the trail that you have outlned

  17. I love your various views and especially
    the final one where you are searching
    for the light. Such a positive finish!

  18. "Freedom's just another word for nothin left to lose..."

    Perspective certainly sets up everything else, to be sure. To some real extent, a thing is whatever you THINK it is. I've been in that valley and it does concentrate everything into a sharp simplicity. Not ease, but simplicity.

  19. A gentle and lovely poem, Carrie, and filled with hope.
    More often than we'd like do we find ourselves in a deep valley searching for light. It is life's great blessing that the light is always there if we reach high enough...

  20. Hi Carrie, dragged us down then pointed the way up. Autobiographical? You seem happier! XX

  21. I am overwhelmed by your wonderful and warm comments. It is such a blessing to know and share with you all.

    Stafford,it is to some degree autobiographical...i actually wrote this many years ago. I am happier...a lot of hard things are going on still right now...but I am still thriving. :-)

  22. Perspective sure is an interesting thing. One moment we can see or feel one thing, and the next moment we can see or feel something totally different. It reminds us to try to keep a clear mind, to not jump to conclusions, and to not rush in judgement.

  23. Carrie, This piece is incredible. It ends on wuch a great note of hope. Bravo!

  24. Carrie,
    An excellent view of the 'Eyes'.
    Life itself a dark place at times, but helped along the way, by a chink of light.

    Best wishes

  25. Hi JRM,Brenda,and Eileen glad you stopped by and liked it. :-)

  26. Carrie, as usual you make the reader see what you see, literally - outstanding!

  27. Wow that is an awesome compliment...thank you Bob

  28. Masterpiece from beginning to end...I loved it xx


    help giving happy belated birthday wishes to 5 to 10 poets,
    take the butterfly award,

  30. thank you, it was brilliant x

  31. I can only say that I really liked this for its airiness and light feel. Lovely.


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