A Stranger Unto God

Our hands hold the power to reach out and to receive

and so do our eyes to look up and to truly see

our feet possess the power to walk away

from the world's dangers

and so to our ears to hear and consider

the words of a gentle stranger

our tears contain the power to wash

the shroud that blocks the spirit's view

and so to our knees to kneel in darkness

and humbly find the truth

for each heart has the power to

hold what it has not

yet so many choose to simply be

a stranger unto God.


  1. Beautiful, Carrie. "Each heart has the power to hold what it has not" -- love that.

  2. Thank you Glynn for reading it. I always appreciate everyone's feedback. :-)

  3. this is amazingly beautiful...and so true...

  4. It is wonderful to have you stop by Sarah...your words of encouragment are dear to me. :-)

  5. A very poignant and moving write, Carrie. Indeed, we all have the ability to change someone's life. Even with the simplest of gestures - a smile or a kind word.

  6. Hi Carrie, we all have to find our own way but it sure is nice to know when someone else cares.

  7. Carrie!
    Beautiful. Sometimes, a stranger's words touch me the deepest...
    I'm so thankful to have found your blog! :)

  8. It's great how you've chosen those parts of the body to liberate the self,the awareness of life itself...
    And yes...*each heart has the power to

    hold what it has not*

    Simply perfect!

  9. Thank you Sam,Bob,Alexis, and Dulce our warm and kind comments have made my day...the friendships I have found here in the blogasphere have been such a blessing to me! :-)

  10. So true!! But so fleeting a thought to be put into action. I wish I had the power to replace that which is harmful with that which is peaceful.

  11. So beautiful! So many DO choose to be a stranger to God. But the powerful message you send here is that we don't have to be separated from God's love! I am inspired by that!

  12. Thank you Kat and Dana for taking the time to read it....I wrote this one many years ago, but just felt led to share it here now. Hope you both have a great weekend. :-)

  13. lovely poem. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. Hi Marie, thank you for reading it...i really enjoyed your post growing pains. :-)

  15. Well written truths Carrie. You really nailed the finish with your last four lines.

    I have to continue my reading of your poems, but for now I am trying to find just those you have written without prompts.

    Thank you for following on. I hope you visit again.


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"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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