A Certain Suffering

"Sometimes my greatest sufferings in life have been like wearing stiletto heels, on the outside things look sharp and smooth, but on the inside my bunnions are crying for relief!"

Shiny and elegant is a stiletto heel, but frankly I don't like the way they feel.   I will take tennis shoes any day,  so I can move forward in comfort all the way.

I am no stranger to heartache, no one is, but I have found as time goes by, that holding on to the worries and struggles trying to fix them on my own only turns into creating more worries.  It is only when I let go, and rely on God's support, that I am able to find true comfort, and release.  Sometimes you just have to take the stiletto heels off, and take comfort in the humble simplicity of life that is all we need:
The grace of God.


  1. An excellent post for the prompt! =)


  2. Carrie,
    I wear high heels everywhere with everything - dress, malay dress, jeans, on the plane (imagine flight from Ottawa to Seattle to Narita to Kuala Lumpur), come rain, shine or snow. But not on the golf course - never on the golf course.

    So I can completely relate to this. Submit to God's grace and forget our own pride and incessant petty insistance.

    Your words today are of particular kindness and touches me very deep inside.

  3. How true is this poem. Wow, what a great one!

  4. Shay thank you for reading it. :-)

    Hi Weasel thank you to. :-)

    Ninotaziz my feet hurt for you....i am sure you look wonderful in them...i really do have bunions...so it really is something I just can't do. :-)

  5. Your faith and your philosophy is very moving, and deeply inspiring, Carrie. I admire your will and your strength :)

  6. stay strong,
    you will survive everything...

    thought provoking lines.

  7. Dear Carrie,
    What a 'lovely' view of pain through the high heeled shoe. Oh the idea is so fresh, with bandages to heels and pinched toes!!!
    Carrie, I just love this view of it all. We have all been there!
    I too find comfort in a prayer or quiet moment to reflect.........
    Thank you for your poetry prompt view,

  8. Hi Carrie,

    Ya know, I am a great FAN of TEVAS. I wear them as often as I can. I have dress Tevas and knock-about Tevas. Tennis shoes are a close second. It used to be Birkenstocks. Stilleto heels? Never!

  9. Hi Kristie I really loved yours as well...thank you. :-)

    Thank you for the wise words jingle...i can use all the wise words one can give. So glad you stopped by. :-)

    Sam as always you are such an encouragement...your compliments are more than i ever deserve, but i thank you! :-)

    Eileen you are so sweet, I am flattered by your compliments...and I always enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for reading mine. :-)

  10. Ah, letting go, not easy. Sometimes the pain is easier than the letting go.

  11. carrie, this is so true! we make our lives so much harder than they have to be...i often wonder why it takes so long to figure that out???

  12. Whatta great post Carrie!!! I love the high heel analogy. We make our lives so much harder than it has to be. Awesome post my sweet friend.
    May God Bless ya with Love,

  13. I can't say as I know from stilettos, but I do understand about pain and grace. Well said!

  14. dearest Carrie, you are absolutely right. we all must learn to take off the tiletto heels and take comfort in the humble simplicity of life. What a beautifully written inspiring post!! Thank you!!

    Love and hugs,

  15. if only we had known it was that easy...

  16. I guess pain is something we can all relate to one way or another...thank you everyone for reading my post....your comments are making me smile. :-)

  17. I gave you one of my weekly Goddess Awards which you can collect whenever you would like, if you would like, for this outstanding post.


  18. Oh wow, Carie, can I ever identify with this! Stiletto heels and ballet led to Achilles tendonitis and hallux rigitus... I was in pain for 3 years and then miraculously it went away just when I was considering surgery. My mom and dad always said I should have worn oxfords, lol.

  19. Hi Everyday Goddess, i am honored to receive an award from you! Thank you so much for considering this post for an award! :-)

    Hi Diane it sounds like you have really suffered with foot problems. I am glad that it miraculously went away...that is wonderful. :-)

  20. hi carrie,
    i was looking for your email to no avail so here goes how to add your award:
    click on the image which will take you to photobucket.
    look on the left side of your scree to find the link box.
    click on the html code to copy it.
    go to your dashboard design page.
    click on add a gadget.
    add an html gadget.
    paste in the html code.
    it should work.
    let me know if you need more help.
    thanks for liking what i enjoy doing!

  21. Wow, you are fast! Thank you so much...if I have trouble I will put a comment on your latest post...thank you again for everything!! :-)

  22. Carrie indeed high heels ouch!
    Love where this prompt took you!

  23. Hi Pamela so glad you stopped by...thank you for reading it...hope you have a great weekend! :-)

  24. I so agree. I never wear heels. Simplicity is the most peaceful way for me.

  25. so true. Carrie...thank you for the encouraging and hope filled comments you have left on my blog. they are definitely timely and such a blessing.

  26. so beautiful. I cracked up at the high heel shoe analogy. I mean, ouch! but, you look good right?
    Sometimes we want to look good more than we want to be healed. I loved this post.

  27. Congrats on the Goddess Award; well deserved with this post... ouch!

  28. Thank you Marie,charis,JoAnn,and Gaston for your wonderful comments and for stopping by...it always makes my day! :-)

  29. smiles. a wonderful truth...i like to go barefoot anyway...but grace is even more of a cushion...

  30. Thanks Brian, and I agree grace is even more of a cushion. :-)

  31. Or a good pair of tennis shoes:)

    Excellent analogy - much enjoyed!

  32. I have an appointment on August 30 to see about that pain. Love your piece!

  33. Thank you J and Annell, for stopping by. Annell hope all goes well with your appointment and foot pain. I understand how that is. Got a couple of bunions of my own. :-)

  34. friend,
    i'm so glad you commented on my piece so i could find yours. i'm your newest fan--your place here breathes life. so happy to 'meet' you. you should join me for imperfect prose on thursdays. peace, e.


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