Hope Whispers When It Speaks

Inperfect Prose

I spent many frightened nights
in a stupor creeping down the stairs
with the subtlety of snow
drifting to my father's bedside
afraid to truly awaken him
yet softly calling his name
and tapping his arm
as uncertain as a scarf in the breeze
I stood there for what seemed to be hours
waiting for him to notice me
like I had done so many times before
but he never did
years later he still never knew
of my presence those weary nights
yet I had been there
just the same.

"Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark."  ~George Lles

Life can be hard, and sometimes it can seem too uncertain, but I have learned that no matter how difficult it may be...there is always hope...we just loose sight of it sometimes.  Like dry land to a sailor, we venture beyond the horizon, but that does not mean that the land vanished from exhistance, only that it is out of our direct sight.  The continent of hope still rests on the oceans of our life.


  1. I love that quote by George Lles... remembering to hold my hand out in faith, especially in the darkest of times.
    Bless you!

  2. A lovely thoughtful piece.

  3. your poem has me waiting hushed as well. i can feel the tension of little-girl-hoping-not-hoping.
    simple and evocative.

  4. smiles. a beautiful, sorrowful, piece...glad you have a father that does notice and hold out that hand...nicely played...

  5. Thank you everyone for reading it...i look forward to reading everyone's prompt. :-)

  6. Lovely.

    Sometimes hope is all we have. It's a pity we lose sight of it as we get older.

  7. Hi Paul, glad you stopped by...and you are right sometimes hope is all we have. :-)

  8. Sometimes our caring is really not noticed, even when we wish it would be. But you knew in your heart you were there. And that is most important.

  9. Thank you Mary you are always so encouraging.
    And you are right...knowing in our heart...is what is most important. :-)

  10. Oh I like this, Carrie.

    "as uncertain as a scarf in the breeze"...I love that line, but then, I love the entire thing. The last two lines were amazing. I can just see her there. And yes, we are there whether we are acknowledged or noticed or not. Like snow. I read this over and over and it may just be my favorite of yours that I've read. :-)

  11. oh carrie... the poem tore at me, in dark places, but you are right--we have light. and it's those dark places that make the light so bright. this is utterly beautiful. thank you so much for linking, friend. xo

  12. Beautiful your choice and combinations of words never ceases to amaze and inspire
    "as uncertain as a scarf in the breeze"

  13. Shay i am glad you liked it....the poem is a real memory for me...:-)

    Thank you Emily for sharing perfect prose with me...i am very thankful to have found you. :-)

    Hi Gwei, your compliment is so sweet, i feel the same way about your beautiful prose. :-)

  14. Beautiful and heartbreaking...

  15. Hi Talon glad you stopped by...thank you for reading it...:-)

  16. Thank you for stopping by. The imagery in your poem is both beautiful and powerful.

  17. I feel the heartbreak and the great expectation in your words. They are beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  18. I think I may know that little girl at times ...

  19. Carrie,
    The words of your poem mean so much to me personally as well. I have recently posted a poem in relation to the Thursday Prompt and 'Pain'. The subject matter, is very similar to your experience.
    Carrie, I really do understand.
    Best wishes,


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