The Builders

Mankind seeks shelter from all of life's storms

so brick by brick he gathers builds and forms

constructing walls that are architecturally sound

that no elements would dare tear down

but at man's hands there are things unseen

his plans can parch and crumble like dry leaves

for faulty parts neglect and loose wires

can create a spark and then build a fire

tearing down all that man once built up

leaving only remnants of hope in the dust

but man's imperfections have an ideal plan

for no force can abolish the resilience of man.


  1. I really like the resilience theme....nicely written.

  2. Nice Carrie, the resilience of man, the whole piece is a build up to the last line...great piece with much to ponder..
    we will be back,
    better and stronger than

  3. Thank you Troy for stopping by and following my blog. :-)

  4. Thank you bkm :-) Yes, man always begins again to rebuild someting even grander. Hope you have a great week. :-)

  5. wow i simply love this Carrie... your poems are of great delight to my heart. Thank you Carrie!!
    Underneath His Wrapping

  6. Surely man is resilient, if nothing more. I like this piece - a lot!

  7. Wow! You have given it such a neat twist!
    The first few lines reminded me of Howard Roark from Ayn Rand's Fountainhead!
    And then the imperfections in man's plans took me away from him :), and the hopes they eventually give rise to! I don't think I've ever read this sort of a poem.. truly excellent!! I am quite spellbound actually!

  8. I am fascinated by the circle movement in this. Linear as life may seem.... :)

  9. nicely constructed magpie loved the last line!

  10. Indeed, we the humans have a amazing knack to build from the ashes back to the top again. Despite all safety measures, in this life small sparks can leave one without nothing in a flash of moment. From that position to keep faith and hope is a tough act.

  11. Dear Carrie,

    Thank you for the gift of hope through this wonderful and poignant Magpie.

    If nothing else, hope will carry us through...

  12. Thank you everyone for your lovely insight and sweet comments. :-)

  13. I love your resilient ending. It's a given that life will knock you down. The trick is to always get up again. Lovely Magpie!

  14. Thank you dad used to always say...if you fall off the horse get right back on....hope you have a great week. :-)

  15. very nicely played...this has a great flow to it and the end wraps it so nicely...the only thing that can get in the way of man is him(or her) self....

  16. You are right Brian...thank you for stopping by and reading it. :-)

  17. Inner strength, inner peace..those are the winners!
    Thank you!

  18. Carrie, I love the way you took Willow's photo and made it something so strong, uplifting and good!

  19. Thank you are so sweet. :-)


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