Think Tank Prompt #6

Brilliance is not a newly cut diamond,
but the glistening eyes of a child so full of hope.

Brilliance is not a scientific theory,
but the enlightening that can occur
in the colliding of two souls.

Brilliance is not an orchestrated opus,
but the deep flutter of the leaves
that only the forest can compose.

Brilliance is not a numeric formula,
but the unmeasurable capacity
of what the heart can hold.


  1. Carrie, Just love your take on Brillance --do not which stanza I love better 2 or 3 - but must go with 3 because I do love the forest....well done...bkm

  2. Carrie, there's always a fantastic lesson to learn about life through reading your poetry! It really keeps us all in check about what's important. Keep it up.

  3. okay, let me be the first to say it, carrie...this is brilliant!! i love that you see beyond the sparkle of what this life offers, ever peering into the hearts of what matter most, people! your insight is tender and passionate, my friend :)

  4. Signed...bkm I love the forest as well. Thank you for reading this one...I truly loved your poem for the prompt. :-)

    Robin you are so sweet. I have so enjoyed reading your blog, and the comments that you leave on mine as well. :-)

    Sheri you are always so encouraging to me. Your words and life inspire me, and I value your oppinion very much! :-)

    Thank you all for reading it....your comments always make my day! :-)

  5. Carrie I read your comment on Mary full of compassion for those of us who are slow to realize the whole benefit of God's love, and climb the steps toward that love.

    In God's time.

    And here on your blog I read exquisite words of what something IS, and what it is NOT. This is sweet enough...and short enough--grin! to be a "keeper". Thank YOU!


    By the way, you have also some excellent commenters. I just "met" Sheri this evening (blog-wise, that is!)

  6. Wonderful take on the prompt!


  7. Read out loud the first lines of each stanza are challenging to the tongue ... but in a good way!

  8. Oh Carrie this is in itself pure brilliance

  9. Beautiful!

    Thank you Carrie for taking the time in reading my blog andd leaving a comment.

  10. Thank you for this piece, it rocks! I love your illumination of brilliance. Well done!

  11. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments...each new prompt I meet new wonderful people and have the opportunity to read so many awesome posts of others. :-)

  12. I hate to say just" Beautiful" but this is one of the cases where no other word... maybe smart, cute? and especially so TRUE!

    Loved it!
    Sweet hug

  13. Thank you Dulce for your sweet words. :-)hug:-)

  14. Hi Carrie, what can I say that hasn't been said? This one shines ;)

  15. Thank you Bob for taking the time to read it...
    These poetry prompts are a lot of fun...I really enjoy reading everyone's takes on the prompt.

  16. This was so lovely and well thought out.

    I'm a new visitor (thanks for joining my site) and I love your heading photo!

  17. Thank you Cosmoscami for stopping by. Look forward to reading more of your posts. :-)

  18. Oooo, you are such a softie! I do hope you live those brilliant words dear girl and don't just write them! Lol!

  19. I think I do most of the time...:-) Thank you Stafford, your words are always an encouragment to me. :-)

  20. Oh, this was lovely. So much meaning. Loved the line: deep flutter of leaves only the forest can compose. Nice.


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