A Wasp In The Open Window,

Like a wasp in the open window beating upon the upper plated glass, we are not always certain we have ventured off the beaten path.
Yet, unlike the clever wasp whose instinct helps him to get free, we can stumble across the truth and still not realize what we have seen.
For ignorace is silent like the anxious lightning beats the thunder,uttering not a sound. So do we, travel through life unaware we are lost, until we have been found.


  1. Very reflective poem.

  2. A beautiful and well expressed poem. Carrie. I agree that sometimes we don't know we have been lost until we are found.

  3. I truly love the way you compared moth going off beaten path with humans doing the same. Clever metaphor results. Carrie, I will not think of a moth the same way again.

  4. Well written, thoughtful - the last lines are especially effective.And I liked the comparison to lightning which "beats the thunder uttering not a sound".......I hadnt thought of that before. Good work.

  5. true.
    life is full of illusions.
    love your sentiments.
    well done,

  6. Dear Carrie,

    "we, travel through life unaware we are lost, until we have been found"

    I have found myself recently with the passing of my grandmother. Aware how precious life is, moments we have left to share.

    Thank you for your kind words on our family's recent bereavement - you are a true friend...

  7. I like the image of the wasp behind the window glass, seeing but not understanding. I also liked the glimmer of hope that, even when we are lost, we still may find our way. 'Anxious lightning' was very clever, too! Nice piece, Carrie!

  8. This is wonderful Carrie, I love it. :-)

  9. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments...i wrote this one a long time ago...it is a bit unusual, but glad you liked it....:-)


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