Her Melancholy Eyes,

Her melancholy eyes are like a stagnant forgotten pool. It's deep reflection draws you in like a mirage is to a fool.
It is a mysterious journey into a lifetime of pain with just a glance,somewhere between a world of woe, and a moment of a chance.
If you follow where they lead, there is no turning back. The load you carry will be greater, and you will miss more all you lack.
You must break free from this deep pool before your own demise,
for if you are not careful, you will drown in her melancholy eyes.


  1. This poem seems to be about a person with such deep sadness that he/she will pull you in and you will be sucked into the other person's pain and have a hard time breaking free. A depthful poem.

  2. Thank you Mary...it was actually written many years ago, and unfortunatly it is about my Mother. She was bi-polar. You are always so encouraging to me...thank you for being a wonderful friend! :-)

  3. A lot of depth for certain in this poem.......the picture above is amazing! This is a very well written piece. I especially love the ending "you will drown in her melancholy eyes." A sad poem, but written by a survivor, I do believe!

  4. that last line is so true...so easy to drown in someone elses melancholy....nice write...bkm

  5. Dear Carrie,
    A poem within a poem;

    If you are not careful
    you will drown
    in her melancholy eyes

  6. A portrait in poetry. You have captured well how a melancholy person can draw you in.

  7. Hi Carrie, it's so hard to maintain your bearings when someone you love is in pain, but this is very beautifully and respectfully done, take care.

  8. I like the way this piece goes full circle from the opening words to the concluding line.

  9. love the image,
    well done.....

    drown in eyes,

  10. words + imagery = delight (^_^) A gem piece of poetry.

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