Deep Inside the Ocean

We cannot reach the measurement of the distance between one bitter heart unto another. Nor can we calculate the moment of transformation fron tenderness to callous, yet like some shells deep inside the ocean, every hard heart has cracked places that could break, we just cannot get close enought to see.


  1. this is so true Carrie, and bitterness will destroy the human heart...and everything and one around the ocean we have to flow and transform and always stay new...nice piece...bkm

  2. Too true the powers of bitterness. Awesome post! =)


  3. Hi Signed...bkm, and Weeasel thank you so much for reading it....i am looking forward to reading yours. :-)

  4. Oh this is fantastic and oh so true...beautiful!Love it!

  5. Indeed!=D all it need is time =)


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