Something To Hold On To

Imperfect Prose with Emily take a look you will be blessed.

You would not walk the edge of the highest bridge without holding on to the rails.
Nor would you ride the ocean's wind without holding on to the sails.
You would not climb the tallest tree without a good firm grip.
Nor would you receive an offering without unwrapping and holding the gift.
You would not set up a ladder and climb it on shifting sand.
Nor would you accept a trophy without holding it in your hands.
So why would you walk the trials of life empty handed your whole life through?
For, Jesus holds out His hand, and He is something to hold on to.


  1. Yes, He is. And I really need that. Thanks for these simple, yet profound words of truth.

  2. Thanks for this reminder to hold on to Him.

  3. ah, too many tumbled ladders on sand. it's true, we hold onto Him. he is enough. this is an eloquent little reminder of just how much enough he is. lovely

  4. Wow, this will stick with me. Thanks!

  5. such a great reminder...very well said! (found you at imperfect prose thursdays!)

  6. Beautiful words...and true!

  7. i LOVE how you rephrase truth in a way i've never heard before... how thankful you make me for heaven's heart... and yours shines beautifully in this prose, friend. all my love to you. e.

  8. Thank you each and everyone for reading it, and your wonderful make me smile. :-)

  9. For, Jesus holds out His hand, and He is something to hold on to.
    This is really good, there are times when I felt completely alone but I knew even though I did not feel like it that Jesus never lets go and was holding onto me so I continue to hold onto Him.

  10. Amen and AMEN!! Simple and profoundly true.

  11. Beautiful words, and important reality. But how?? I have a dear friend who has given me this advice, and it's exactly the advice I need. But so hard to put into practice.


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