Saturday, October 23, 2021

Bad Hair Day Solution # 19


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I am pleased that lying on the sofa being a slob is finally considered the responsible thing to do.

 ~Matt Haig


If I could I would

Let my mask be more like a shroud

Suit up like an astronaut

Every time I walked in a crowd

Who cares if I seem out of place

I could glare at annoying people

And no one could see my face

Bad hair days would no longer exist

Hell it could be dirty and no one would know shit

Cause if I could I would

 let my mask be more like a shroud

Suit up like an astronaut

Every time I walked in a crowd!


Note:  Well my silly side got the better of me this week.  The last few weeks have been stressful with a death in the family, car trouble, and business of the everyday. So, I guess I needed to head in a funny direction for a change.  Wishing you all a safe & wonderful weekend.

💙 Carrie


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  2. Your funny direction hit the spot!! Cheers.

  3. 😊❤Nice One❤😊😊
    Happy Sunday


  4. LOL! This is a tempting take on being out in public. :)

  5. So sorry for your loss, Carrie, and other attendant worries. Life keeps coming at glad to still be in this world, and to know you.

  6. It occurs to me I am really enjoying how much of my face is hidden behind my mask. Not sure how I will face the world with a naked face again. A hood like the one in the photo would be even better. (Came back for another read.)

  7. I love the fun atmosphere in your poem and I think many wear those suits.

  8. LOLOL! "Suit up like an astronaut / Every time I walked in a crowd" The perfect poem for trying to decide between pandemic protection and a bad hair day!!!

  9. Carrie, I am sorry about the death of your relative. We've been through that also, three times related to the COVID.
    I'm glad though, that you were in a silly mood for today's assignment. This is a wonderful write you have. It reminded me of my past, and it still happens, someone will say "it doesn't take a space scientist to ..." and then they double look at me and say, "Jim, I'm sorry" or something like that. I worked at NASA Houston (17) and also for a bit at one of our spy satellite tracking station in New Hampshire (3) for 20 years as an Aerospace Engineer. I just smile and let it pass.

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