Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Remarkable Calamities

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"Nothing is so common-place as to wish to be remarkable."
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr

Like an eccentric artist life re-makes me
over and over again
building me up high
like a big city skyscraper
then burning me down
to ash
just to remold me
better and
lovely to the soul's eye
but do not be foolish
i am an endeavor
an arduous journey
that no missionary
would volunteer for
a vessel unseaworthy
a tiger with not all my stripes
a film not yet developed
a plant with few leaves
but there is growth
it is a process
with slow progress
a becoming of sorts
the lessons re-shape me
the alchemy of scrap metal
turned to coins of a greater worth
the cost of expansion
is a heavy price
a thousand bruises and tears
one hundred skinned knees
and many sleepless nights.


  1. Yes....life is tough yet we grind on. Great images to describe the journey.

  2. The vividness of the last few lines linger, bright and raw...

  3. Alchemy of scrap metal... we all need that.

  4. Profound...the image makes it more powerful!

  5. Oh yes.. we make and unmake and remake ourselves and that is the journey...

  6. Beautiful.


    "turned to coins of a greater worth"

  7. I love this especially; "a tiger with not all my stripes, a film not yet developed, a plant with few leaves." Beautifully executed!💞

  8. So many "remakes"
    In life, there are no second takes...
    "Like an eccentric artist life re-makes me"
    And we all experience the mystery...

  9. I can relate to this...remakes do challenge us...great write

  10. They say that life is what happens while we're making other plans. And what do you know, what happens may just be what we were meant to take in.

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