To Comfort the Soul

"Truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is."
~ Nadine Gordiner

I have always longed for a great love
 to comfort my soul.
 One that would nourish
 every need inside and out.
 Inspire the best and with grace
 make the worst disappear.
  A devotion that would
 cradle like a soft crocheted sock
 and protect my very stance
 from the greatest of stumbling.
 Yet, in my search what I have truly found is
 that the only one that can fulfill
 these needs within my soul is God,
and in my foolishness I reach out to man,
again and again at no avail.
It is in the hard fall
that I find the comfort of God.


  1. I love this, esp the last two lines and 'cradle like a soft crocheted sock
    and protect my very stance' Aren't you glad His comfort is faithful?

  2. His is a one of a kind comfort, although one should never close their mind to man being a sound comfort too, in the right space of time.

  3. nice...we can def get caught up looking for someone else to fill that spot....and it can be painful when it does not happen....when scripture says be single if you can...i think it resonates with what you say here...

  4. Such profound truth! Indeed God is able to provide all that we need if we just seek him out! By the way, I love those socks and they look very comforting. I love socks and have gotten myself a pair many times when I needed some comfort.

  5. God is in every shoe , though perhaps not every Reebok .....

  6. Beautiful words as always, Carrie. Happy Halloween!!

  7. While a good mate can be amazing and make life more fun and help a person to become who God wants him or her to be, it is true that only God truly satisfies the soul. Very good poem.

  8. God is our soul and he will always look after us.


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