Spoon Fulls of The Moon (Magpie Memories)

Venus de Milo with drawers,1936,Salvador Dali

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"Venus demilo
In her half-baked shell
Understood the nature
Of love very well
She said, a good love is delicious
You can’t get enough too soon
It makes you so crazy
You want to swallow the moon"
~Lyrics of Jupiter written by Jewel


There are places hidden like drawers
 in a chest that only some will ever see
A thousand secrets of the great enigma
 that only one man can truly free
Inside each are longings sorted like bobby pens
 at the bottom of beauty's wealth
with different shades of gray and red
 that camouflage a woman's heart with stealth
for the hungers of love's deep wanting are contained
 yet they can be seen by the naked eye
as the beauty of longing and all it's charms
 spoon up the moon with just a sigh.

I have so many unfinished posts for Magpie Tale prompts that I started, but could not get finished before the following prompt started.  I hope it will be okay, but I have decided to link them in here and there on future weeks prompts, so that they will get finished and at least linked in the place they once belonged.  I am going to call them "Magpie Memories".  I probably have about 18 or so that I started and did not complete.  So this one is the first of many old ones to come.  Approval permitting of course.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Thank you Tess.  Magpie Tales has been a wonderful inspiration for me. 


  1. I so love this title.....and adore its closing lines. Beautiful, Carrie.

  2. Lovely writing, Carrie.
    I loved every line .


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