Like the Deep and Distant Sea

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 "The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart." ~Elisabeth Foley
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Once my dear friend and I were like a sailboat upon the open sea.
we drifted close and constant towards the horizon in symmetry.
The days were long and beautiful with adventures around each bend
but in time the nights grew shorter and our comradery would soon end.
Now my sails have shifted and her seas are distant beyond my view.
We travel different harbors though we still stare at the same moon.
Yet the absence and the gap that has divided us to different shores
serves only to magnify the deep love that we share at our heart's core.

Dedicated to a dear friend that was my first best friend.  We have spent most of our friendship far apart from each other, but every time we come back to each others shore it is like we never parted, and the relationship that we share has only grown deeper with time, like the great waters within the sea.



  1. What a wonderful sharing, Carrie. I do remember a few childhood 'best friends,' but do not have contact with them at all. You are fortunate that the two of you meet periodically and that, when you do, you feel as if no time has passed. I really like the last stanza of your poem...and how your friendship/love has magnified over the years.

  2. Love the sea imagery in your poem, Carrie! Deep friendships are important when we are children or teenagers and it is wonderful that you have managed to keep in touch later despite the distance.

  3. (Be sure to check your email....I sent you one.)

  4. It's a rare kind of friendship... And a treasure it is to have a friendship like that. It's so easy to be drawn into and be drown in our own life and forget the friendship we once shared with someone long time ago.... This was very beautifully written Carrie..
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. sometimes that distance between will do just that...i was just told by a dear friend today that she is moving away...and i hope the same for us...

  6. Good to see you again Carrie. Lovely poem on this lasting friendship. I have a couple of people like that too from my childhood and those relationships are such a treasure.

  7. Beautiful, Carrie......I have some extra special "old" friendships like that - you can go months, then pick the conversation right up where you left off........

  8. Beautiful, friendships are just there to be cherished,

  9. I have a friend like that... it's like we pick up right where we left off each time we see one another.

  10. Lovely write and I loved the metaphor running through the poem.

  11. The Lord blessed me more than I could ever imagine when he orchestrated the crisscrossing, winding to and fro, and back again of our paths so long ago... So funny how life is like water in so many ways (and to think that you conquered it, too!). I surely do love you, old friend.


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