Monday, May 12, 2014

He Laces the Moon

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(This was for the Lace Prompt, but I tried to link from my other blog and it would not work we go again...days late and a dollar or two short....:-)...)
"God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars." ~Author unknown
He laces the moon with winter trees
across a purple sky
bringing forth a cool night breeze
that beckons hopeful eyes.

The majesty of God's own craft
is a beauty beyond compare
a miracle for all to have
and a gift that always shares.

No hands of man can make this art
that God has painted ever true
each brilliant stroke He does impart
creates an original for all to view.

Yes, He laces the moon with winter trees
across a purple sky
etching beauty for all to see
that beckons hopeful eyes.


  1. Great to think of God as artist as well as creator. I wish we could be adjusted to keeping the gallery vital rather than left to the next global melt, flood, firestorm.

  2. This is beautiful writing, Carrie. I so love the opening stanza and its modified repetition at the end.. so uplifting.

    1. Just let me repeat what Kerry has said... beautiful

  3. So beautiful, Carrie. And, as Kerry notes, the repeated lines really work.

  4. No, no man's hand can ever....!! Beautiful as always...

  5. What beautiful imagery: "He laces the moon with winter trees
    across a purple sky"

  6. it reads like a beautiful hymn...

  7. I love the image you have expressed so eloquently with your words: "He laces the moon with winter trees across a purple sky" - just beautiful.

  8. This is so beautiful...It has the feeling of a psalm. Thanks for writing for the challenge. And I was more than happy to help with your question. :)

  9. So many lovely and wonderful blessings of god:).

  10. A wonderful image, lacing the moon with winter branches. And the repetition at the end gives it a circular and timeless feel.

  11. Beautiful, Carrie. There is no craftsman who surpasses God.


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