An Anthem of Knowing

Central Library, Manchester, U.K., by Robin Gosnall

"A library is but the soul's burial-ground. It is the land of shadows." ~Henry Ward Beecher

Like etchings carved upon stone
 these words linger amongst the breathing
hidden within covers of leather and dust
an anthem of knowing inhabits the empty spaces
pressing through to the far reaches of the world
everytime there is a turning of the page.


  1. Carrie,

    Reading your poem with respect and in silence, seemed to accord it the respect which comes from being in a library building.....I felt as though I was inside that building. A familiar sight in central Manchester!!!
    Best Regards,

  2. Beauty, and most of all, long live the turning of pages!

  3. an anthem of knowing inhabits the empty spaces...

    Wow, what a lovely ode to the library.

  4. I hope libraries never ever die...because a part of hujmanity will die with them.

  5. an anthem of turn of phrase much in the spines of those books...sad when we forget them...

  6. Carrie- so very lovely and insightful

  7. Oh, I like 'an anthem of knowing inhabits the empty spaces.' This is really a well-thought-out poem!

  8. "everytime there is a turning of the page." wow !!!

  9. Every word ... speaking the truth. Lovely.

  10. How true, Carrie, and beautifully expressed! Every time one flips through a book, the whole world opens up! Nicely!


  11. Beautifully expressed, Carrie
    Thought upon thought
    Questions in common
    Justice defined
    Dreams explored
    It is these things that lead us to read, to write, and to share openly.
    I love libraries


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