Kiss Life On The Lips

Life is a lover one must kiss on the lips if you want to feel its warm embrace.
You cannot merely touch its hand, or peck its soft sweet face.
Wrap your arms around it and hold it forever near.
Caress its naked truth and strip away your threads of fear.
Crawl into its cushioned bed and lie next to its reward of bliss.
For to live life to its fullest you must kiss it right on the lips.

This is a re-post of an older poem, but I felt it worked too perfectly for the prompt to pass it up.


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! :) Love every single line the best!

  2. A full-on, gob-smacking kiss ~~ nothing better than that, Carrie!!

  3. Sprightly, lively, ultimately moving lines...

  4. Yes, perfect marriage b/w image and poem.

  5. Wow Carrie...this is beautiful beyond words!!

  6. love the truth in that opening line....the need to embrace life with such intimacy...

    saw your comment as well elsewhere and know it is hard going through what you are...hugs

  7. Lovely! That's the way to bestow a kiss.

  8. Elegant, loving, I'll sign this petition! You can post this again and again!

  9. So beautiful and well....full of life ! . Carrie Lennon !

  10. Love the notion of life being a lover...

  11. It did work for this Magpie - it worked wonderfully well.


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