A Gossamer of Souls

Photo courtesy wonderful Ella at Ella's Edge

Linking with Poet's United Wonder Wednesday #6 Web

Like veins that lead to the heart,
we are all connected
by a web that the eyes cannot see.

From oceans to continents
and languages to cultures
we branch out like a redwood tree.

With differences as grand as deserts
and kinship greater
 than the ocean wide,

we span a vast horizon
like many different species
yet one strong seagull on the inside.


  1. This is glorious Carrie! I love, love what you have done...so many great lines! I would share my favorite, but I can't...share one line. I love the whole poem~
    So happy you joined in...I will look at this photo differently now :D
    Thank you!

  2. Yes we are all connected ... it overwhelms and saddens me that there is so much strife, turmoil and hatred in our world.

  3. Lovely writing! i enjoyed the idea of being connected by a web we cannot see. (Sort of like the blogosphere, no?)

  4. Beautiful...especially love the first stanza. btw I love the autumn theme of your blog.

  5. Flying high, it's what a seagull never told you! Lovely!

  6. We all are connected in some way or the other ... that's the magic of the world !!!

  7. I LOVE the "one strong seagull on the inside". Jonathan Livingston Seagull began my journey way way back, so I really resonated with this poem.

  8. "With differences as grand as deserts
    and kinship greater
    than the ocean wide . . ."

    Lovely to imagine! And I especially like to have the one strong seagull inside all of the webbing and surface detail. I have never thought of seagulls this way, though there is that lonely and haunting "seagull song."

    Thanks for visiting my Blog!

  9. Yes, Carrie. The more we know people who appear different from ourselves, the more alike we prove to be. Lovely poem Carrie.

  10. I really like this Carrie. If everyone would take a moment to realise we are all here for many of the same reasons, life would be (maybe) a little better for everyone. Just lovely.

  11. Was passing through and this caught my eye.

    One strong seagull - Very true and thoughtful of you to put it.

    Enjoyed it a lot.

    Kindly do check out my blog as well


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