When you look at your problems what do you see?
Do you see obstacles or do you see oppurtunities?

When you look at your obligations what do you see?
Do you see a chore or do you see a blessing?

When you look at your home what do you see?
Do you see clutter or do you see an abundance of things?

When you look at your bank account what do you see?
Do you see not enough or do you see plenty?

When you look at your life what do you see?
Do you see a miracle or do you see misery?

This weeks Poets United prompt is favorite quotes.  I love lots and lots of quotes as many of you know I post them frequently with my poems, but this particular quote by Einstein truly has a powerful message that applies to so many areas of our lives. 
When I look back over the years of my life, there are so many situations that at the time I did not understand why I had to go through them.  What I saw in the midst of the trial was a calamity, but the events that would later happen revealed that those problems that I had faced in the past had a purpose that affected the place I would later be.  Through those times, I have learned that what looks like a predicament can truly be a miracle in the making, and in that process I have a choice to make.  I can either see my life full of problems, or I can see it as full of oppotunities to see more miracles.


  1. it is interesting how in the moment we can not see the why of a certain thing, but years later it may make a lot more sense to us...i have def been there...

  2. I agree that everything we go through is for the bigger purpose of our lives... many times we fail to see that as it happens. Finding the bright side of things truly does help. I really enjoyed this, Carrie.

  3. Carrie I love your banter
    Seeing the glass full or empty
    I see more clearly the good
    I love this poem ; )

  4. It's all a gift for those with eyes to see. Give thanks in all things.

    Thanks Carrie.

  5. Thought-provoking questions, these.

  6. we seem to see what we are in the mood to see that day


  7. Hi Carrie,

    long time! i hope you are well....
    totally love this post... truly inspiring!


  8. So true. Such a beautifully written poem.


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