The Great Architect

Image:  Lee Friedlander

With our bare hands and the tools of our trade we lift skyscrapers toward the sky.
We hammer then nail, raise walls, steps, and rails,working until our sweat has run dry.
The sculpors sculpt, the mason lays brick, and the contractor maneuvers delays.
Still the painters will paint, while the tile man does wait, as pedestrians pass in an oblivious race.
Labor's industry preceeds, through weather and toil, as the rubble vanishes and the marble does rise.
So once the glass man is done, and the lights have been hung, the doors will be open wide.
All the architect's papers and plans are now seen by each man a vision that now can be touched.
An achievement of dreams through brainstorm and chore, a virtuous process that cannot be rushed.
Yet, we must never forget through the strategy and sweat the true creator behind the scenes.
For the greatest architect of them all is The One that delicately designed all things, including you and me.


  1. This is grand architecture of word!

  2. Carrie- This is majestic... I love the presentation, too.

  3. No matter how grand man can build it doesn't compare to the magnificence of our creator...beautiful


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