Cheap Therapy

Lilnking with the wonderful folks at Poetry Jam.

"Poverty stole your golden shoes it didn't steal your laughter."
~Jewel from the song "Hands"

You can spend 200 dollars a visit at Dr Sinclairs.
Go to the spa have a facial and color your hair.
Buy some new heals that match your black dress.
Eat a carton of ice cream, and let the house stay a mess.
Whatever you choose to heal all of life's hurts,
let God's gift of laughter be the one you pick first.



  1. This is PERFECT!!! Oh, how true...and yes, we were thinking along the same lines on the Architect poem weren't we? Rather uncanny, but looking at a big building obviously stirred the same realization in both of us...what draws me to your writing is how eloquently you write many thoughts I have pondered but am not able to put into words like you do!
    Thank-you so much for blessing us with your gift.

  2. Laughter is indeed a beautiful gift, and it costs nothing at all! Well stated, Carrie.

  3. "Whatever you choose to heal all of life's hurts,
    let God's gift of laughter be the one you pick first." very true! laughter is the best medicine!

  4. Let it be so, as Jean-Luc Picard would say...

  5. Great uplifting poem with a strong use of rhyme.

    All the best
    Jack Edwards

  6. yay i can comment...smiles...

    smiles...yes i think that is the best medicine for sure...

  7. Wonderfully said! :)

    And I love your blog's name! :)
    Hope whispers. We just need to focus to make them audible to our ears and then our heart. :)
    Lovely! :)

    And yes, keep smiling! :)

  8. I have laughed so hard this week at work, hadn't laughed like that in years, it IS the best medicine!!

  9. let God's gift of laughter be the one you pick first.

    and I like Jewels quote.

    Lots of wisdom here today!

  10. Love it...great blog and great music.

    Stopping by from Leaky Pencil...congrats on your nomination. I am in the list too and wanted to visit all the blogs.

    Hope you can stop by for a visit at my blog.




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