All God's Children

Smoldering Fires,Clarence Holdbrook Carter, 1904-2000
Columbus Museum of Art

My mother is a poem
I'll never be able to write,
though everything I write
is a poem to my mother.
~Sharon Doubiago

Like a mother God holds us in His arms both protecting and preparing us for the fires of life we may face
yet like a small child we wander off too impatient to listen and wait
like an old man experience reaches out with the wealth of ware and wisdom within it's hands
yet like a capricious scarf in the wind we either take hold or drift off unaware of the lesson we had.

~I have always believed that you can take two different people, and give them the same experience,same mother, same sphere of influence, and same adversity, and one will choose to go with the flow and strive through the situation, and the other will kick scream and fight there way through causing themselves and those around them nothing but strife. ~

Somehow in my prompt I strayed away from the mother theme a bit, and went more with life, and choices, but I do want to take the time to observe  Mother's Day for all women, not just those that have given birth.  Having lost my mother at a young age, I can testify to the fact that most women have such a nurturing spirit regardless if they bear children or not.  Throughout the years I have had so many women I have known become a mother figure, and give support and guidance when it was needed in my life.  They have been a blessing and a force of hope in the empty places of my past.  So to them I say thank you, and to all women everywhere I want to say
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I like where this picture lead your thoughts, Carrie. Such a special and loving message for Mother's Day.

  2. beautiful! Mothers are such gifts.

  3. Your blogs Carrie are each lovely ... your writing is like the warmth of a summer breeze, as it passes across my cheeks ... I smile.

  4. Carrie, this is lovely and so heartfelt .. and wise. I also believe what you wrote about watching two people as they travel different paths, in spite of being nurtured in the same way by the same person.

  5. Carrie~ Such a lovely tribute and so true... Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Beautiful post Carrie...I loved it~ I thought of this earlier; how many women mother others...truly lovely! Happy Mother's Day @>-----

  7. What a moving piece, Carrie. We celebrated Mother's Day on April 3rd here in Britain, but I know your wish covers the whole of 'motherhoodingdomtime' (and that will be forever!)regardless. Thank you....!

  8. Your poem is lovely Carrie. A capricious scarf in the wind is a great image and I like the alliteration with "w" in lines two and three.

  9. beautiful words, Carrie,
    Happy Mother's day!

  10. ah i think you did just fine...blending in some of the most important things in life...mothers being one of them...smiles.

  11. A lovely post, Carrie. Happy mother's day to you :)


  12. Happy Mother's Day, Carrie. Beautiful words. Your poetry and writing is always from the heart.

  13. the quote is divine.

    beautiful thoughts on Mothers.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  14. what a lovely and true poem.

  15. Carrie,
    I too have lost my mother almost sixteen years ago and I miss her everyday.
    Your written words are a wonderful tribute to all women and all mothers.
    Difficult to write, when I read of your personal loss of your mum too.
    Carrie, Thank you also for your very kind words of goodwillleft at my Blog page.
    I am still having pain problems, but I must make the most of every day. Good and bad!!
    Thank you for your concerns and for your friendship Carrie.
    All Good Wishes, Eileen

  16. Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments and Mother's day wishes. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and Mother's Day. Eileen I hope that you feel better and better with each day ahead. :-)

  17. You did this beautifully. Going with life and choices is never a bad thing. Very well done.

  18. Thank you Bee...i enjoyed yours as well...:-)

  19. Our mothers are more than all the precious things we could have in this world... they are priceless for they mean everything to us... Happy Mother's Day!!!(:

    Brightest blessings to you!!!(:


  20. beautiful carrie, i didn't know you lost your mother at an early age :( i'm so sorry. i love this post and how you make us think outside the box. bless you friend.

  21. Hi Kelvin....thank you so much for the warm well wishes for Mother's Day. :-)

    Emily your encouragment always makes my are a wonderful friend! :-)


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