A Life Like Helen Keller

"The kaleidoscope of colour which is my life, shows the interesting choices I've made along the way."   ~Antie Koekie

I have seen only a few lives like that
the ones that stradle time with tattered wing
piercing through the barbed wire fence
of all we perceive that cannot be
they defy the odds as if miracle's child
reaching out with a unrelenting force
holding a will to thrive instead of survive
within their chest
making us believe in the beauty of adversity's
strength to charge us onward
to the place no one dared tread
proving the human spirit is both
resilient and a vision to behold.

I have always been in awe of the life of Helen Keller. and all that she achieved in her lifetime.  She overcame so many obstacles that most of us would have not attempted.  She is truly one of my heroes of the 1900's.  She gave humanity so much beauty and strength of spirit.  Her sparkling life will certainly be shining through out time.   For in the end we are not remembered for what we tried to attain in this life, but what we gave of substance to the lives of others, that leaves a lasting mark.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.


  1. I love Helen Keller, too. Some of my very favorite quotes are hers. I'm glad you wrote this post.

  2. yes helen keller is fantastic - read a book about her when i was a teenager and impressed me mightily - and i absolutely love your poem...so encouraging and such beautiful words

  3. Hi - new follower here!
    I love this beautiful post. Hellen Keller was truly inspirational. Yes... amazing what she overcame. That last saying of hers almost gives me goosebumps.

  4. What a remarkable woman Helen was. I can feel your admiration for her through your own words, Carrie.

  5. You have that something special ~ the ability to inspire with words and emotion.

  6. I love Helen Keller. I read her autobiography when I was in grade school and really enjoyed it. It made a huge impression.

    What a lovely poem! Well done!

  7. Oh I love these words, Carrie, especially your reflections on Helen Keller below the poem. Love what you say about giving something of substance to others.....

  8. Just lovely Carrie and her quote is one to be cherished ..I too read her biography and the movie the Miracle Worker has always been a favourite....I must rethink my vision after reading this...thank you...bkm

  9. I especially liked your line: with tattered wing/ piercing through the barbed wire fence
    excellent poem and noble thoughts

  10. what a great message carrie. I love her quote, too. You are an inspiration...

  11. I've always been in awe of her, too. You give a beautiful homage to her.

  12. A lovely poem and a truly exceptional woman.

  13. Hi Carrie~ I like the way your poem and tribute make a connection between two women with indomitable wills: the first whose life has conveyed a kaleidoscope of a resilient human spirit, the second Helen Keller who defied the odds and made us believe in the beauty of adversity's strength. Beautiful poem and concept. ♥

  14. Beautiful, Kerry! Helen Keller is a hero of mine.

    P.S. Visit "Imaginary Gardens" again. Trying to get something going there.


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