Callused Hands

"You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands. Take it up reverently, for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it." ~John Updike

Life grabs and pulls us through with the strength of callused hands
never holding faintly with gloves to prevent weathers mark
it cradles opportunity and then thrusts it within our palm
 in time and symmetry we learn to hold on with all our might
wisdoms brilliant sting progressively seeps in and also spills forth
its evidence like braille to the blind cannot be hidden only shared
for the rough hands of an old man
always serve to remind us
he has survived
life's storms
and so can


  1. Neva says it... just as it is....


  2. beautifully written! enjoyed it very much!
    thank you

  3. lovely Carrie, and the hope that we too will survive the storms and the cold times...being blessed with callused hands of wisdom....bkm

  4. Callused or smoothe, everyone needs a helping hand some time!

  5. The 'beautiful' adjective fits perfectly here, Carrie .. like a glove!

  6. excellent...yes the hands can tell a lot of the life that has been lived...and do bring hope. nice magpie

  7. Well done, beautiful images, profound thoughts held within the veil of your words.

  8. Life certainly cradles oppoertunity - whether we grasp it is another matter...

  9. beautiful and interesting. This is my first visit to your blog. I like your layout. The day's entry meshes well into the background/surrounding gadgets. I'll return.

  10. Forget that! Hand over the Olay and nobody gets hurt. ;-)

    What an imaginative take on the prompt, Carrie. I really like the idea of life as hands.

  11. life does indeed leave its mark...

    your poetry captures the way life can rough us up sometime so delicately and beautifully.

  12. Powerful writing. Lots of hope in "hold on with all our might" and "he has survived and so can we". Good one, Carrie.

  13. Carrie, this poem is well thought out and well written. We all must find a way to survive.

  14. Carrie,
    Thank you yet again for crafting such a poem with the spirit of hope.
    A lovely poem to reflect upon.
    Happy New Year Carrie.

    Best Sunday Wishes,

  15. Thank you Eileen,Mary,Sherry,Shay, and everyone for your lovely comments i appreciate your encouragment more than words can say. Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! :-)

  16. :-) this blog is so inspiring.


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