The Soul's Tattoo

The stumblings of our youth can leave a lasting mark
reminding us where we have been and directing us where we are
a source of evidence that lingers for all eyes to behold
a roadmap of the past and still a tattoo of the soul.


  1. So true, and if we care to look past the surface we see the beauty that has always been, and still is, there...

  2. a roadmap of the past..this was beautiful can see those roadmaps also in the eyes of a person..

  3. Thank you gospelwriter for stopping by and reading it...:-)

    You are right Claudia you can see the roadmap in the eyes as well. :-)

  4. of the soul. wow Carrie what a picture. love this post Carrie...

    thank you for stopping by earlier. Have a good weekend!!

  5. Thank you Rut for all your wonderful encouragment...hope you have an awesome weekend as well! :-)

  6. "A tattoo of the soul"...wonderful! Our warrior marks are proof of a life well-lived...

  7. I cannot imagine you with a tattoo...but maybe LOL. A tattoo of the soul would not be visible but every mark would be there. A depthful poem!

  8. What we have done in our life is always a part of us one way or another. At least that is what I believe.

  9. Beautiful Carrie; Wow, we were on the same page, weren't we~ I love that "tattoo of the soul"~

  10. Carrie,
    What a wonderful way to view the good and the bad of life. The beautiful and the ugly.....
    I like the idea of the tattoo of the soul. A form of record of the life lived.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend Carrie,
    Best wishes,

  11. The daring youth will indeed have an etched memory to gaze at in old be treasured, I hope...this is powerful..thank you..

  12. "Tattoo of the soul" -- most definitely, well stated. Makes me think of all of the many people in my life who have tattooed it, in so many good ways.

  13. So many young people today are "cutting" themselves. The first photo plus your words, "The stumblings of our youth can leave a lasting mark" make me think of this pain in young lives. Yet your poem leaves me feeling hopeful, that the scars can be tattoos of another sort, if our lives are healed by God's love.

    Really beautiful, Carrie.

  14. your image gives us an instant feel,
    powerful demonstration of the ugly being beautiful.


    two awards for you,
    invite you to join us at jingle poetry….

  16. lovely post and the photo of the hands is stunning...sometimes images say more than words.

  17. What a lovely post Carey! Beauty I believe lies in the scars or the lines that decorate a persons hands and face such as the furrows from frowning, the crows feet from laughing, the callouses from working hard! And the maps that lay etched in our minds from past memories are just as you so cleverly described... tattoos of the soul!

  18. That's a powerful image. The expressions are wonderful ideas too.

  19. I have been away from a computer and was so surprized to get such a wonderful response to this prompt. Everyone's encouragment and amazing observations always push me forward...hope everyone has a wonderful week! :-)

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